Alexa and Aaron said “I Do” in a beautiful Seasons of Long Grove wedding. The venue had a cozy and homey feel with a fun and festive back courtyard. MDM Entertainment was excited to help this fun couple bring their families together to celebrate their new marriage.

Cake cutting at the Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Vintage and Cozy

“We looked at a bunch of choices and two things were really important to us. We really wanted a space that was nice but comfortable enough so that our friends and both families would feel inspired to mingle and get to know and enjoy each other. The second thing was that we could have the ceremony AND dance outside. We really cherish time spent outdoors,” said Alexa.

Seasons of Long Grove is a historic banquet hall in the heart of Long Grove. The venue says they represent each season with a warm interior and a fun, bright exterior.

Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Centerpieces at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

For Alexa and Aaron’s Seasons of Long Grove wedding, the back courtyard was lined with vintage wooden chairs and the aisle was adorn with rose petals. Alexa’s Bridesmaids laid the rose petals in a swirling design down the aisle, to add to the romance in the room.

Vows at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

rose petals at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Alexa and Aaron had a beautiful and unique ceremony, that brought the bridal party together and asked all the guests to bless the couple with bells.

“Even though I did not want a church ceremony I did want something that was spiritual and meaningful.  Instead of readings we each looked up several quotes independently that we felt expressed what we believed about love.  (We both totally independently picked the Bruce Lee one!) The bridge, made up of those beliefs, represented the structure of our love supported by those we hold close to our hearts.  We then read our vows that we wrote and asked for the community to bless those vows with the bells,” said Alexa.

Flower Arrangements at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

ceremony bells at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

The guests couldn’t help but smile as this couple expressed their love for one another.

When guests moved inside for the dinner instead of having the average sign-in book, Alexa and Aaron had a family tree for everyone to see and leave their thumb prints on!

“Kristine, one of my best friends and bridesmaid had that made for me as a surprise by some mutual friends.  She wanted something we could actually use as art and hang on a wall and not stick in a drawer and forget about,” said Alexa.

Family Tree at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Prints at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Hooping and Dancing

As the guests moved inside for cake cutting and dinner, the staff at Seasons of Long Grove were fast at work taking down all of the chairs to prepare the dance floor area in the courtyard. MDM DJ David couldn’t wait to start playing music! Soon after dessert was served, everyone surrounded the dance floor to see the couple’s first dance.

“We love Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. We wanted a fun song that really captured the joy we feel with each other.  That song in particular talks about Home is wherever I am with You and we like to travel a lot so bringing home with us wherever we go is pretty important to our life together,” said Alexa.

First Dance at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Everyone on the dance floor marched to the beat of their own drum. It was great seeing so many different genres and dance styles all happening in one place. From today’s hits, to salsa to the oldies, there was something for everyone.

“The moment the DJ put on We’ll All Float On and everyone surrounded us and danced in a ring unprompted and then everyone on the floor made a group hug was pretty unbelievable.  IT was seriously amazing to feel so much flowing love spontaneously,” said Alexa.

Father Daughter Dance at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Chicago Wedding DJ at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Dance Floor at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

MDM DJ David at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Chicago Wedding at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

The night was full of fun dancing and hooping! Yes, hooping. Alexa brought out her metallic hula hoop, twirling it around with ease. It was the neatest thing to see at a wedding! The guests all loved it.

“I have been hooping for a few years and I bring my hoop with me to everything.  I take walks with it.  Go to parties with it. Work out landscaping design concepts with it.  Every time I travel anywhere, any country, I bring it with me.    That one was made specially for my wedding day so I could break it down and carry it on the plane by Neon Hoops,” said Alexa.

Hula Hooping Bride at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

Hula hooping at Season's of Long Grove Wedding

It was a wonderful night! MDM Entertainment had a great time working with Jenny MacBeard of Blue Moon Events. She and her husband made the night run so smoothly and never missed a beat! MDM Entertainment congratulates Alexa and Aaron on their Seasons of Long Grove wedding and wishes them all the best.

“We had so many awesome parts. The first one was the wedding dress. I plan on throwing a wedding dress party every year just so that I have a reason to wear that again. The little old 80 year old Italian woman who turned that dress from a size 12 to a 2, all the while giving me marriage advice, was pretty awesome too! The flowers by Wishing Well florist were so amazing. I love branches, flowers, leaves, feathers, colors and textures and they really made an artful space out of those things. I want my house to look like that ALL THE TIME! The photographers Aley Sommers and Nikki Geiser were amazing!  I normally feel really self conscious in pictures and they made it feel like lighthearted fun,” said Alexa about her favorite moments of the day,” said Alexa.

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Wedding Vendor Team

Ceremony/Reception Venue and catering : Seasons of Long Grove

Officiate: Neil Balkcom

Program: Kristine Seljenes

Custom Bridal party felted flowers: Gypsyharte Arts

Custom bridal headpiece: Batcakes Couture

Photographer: Aley Somers and Nikki Geiser

Hair and Makeup: Ayala Maquillage (makeup)

Florist:  Heidi Reed and Dorothy Flisk of Wishingwell Florists

Hula Hoop: Neon Hoops

Planner / Coordinator: Jenny MacBeard of Blue Moon Events

Rings: Caterina’s Creations

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