In a tented pavilion, Andrea and Jason celebrated their love with all of their closest friends and family. The couple’s Westin Itasca wedding was awash in color as everyone created great memories on the dance floor.

Bride and Groom at Westin Itasca Wedding

Mixing Music and Lights

Andrea and Jason choose the Billowy Lakeside Pavilion for their Westin Itasca Wedding. The Pavilion is a tented structure big enough to hold 350 people. It is on stunning green land with a clear view of the fountains on Hamilton Lakes. You almost forget you are at a hotel because the room is so unique.

Pavilion at the Westin Itasca Wedding

The Westin Itasca Wedding

Fountains at the Westin Itasca Wedding

Centerpieces at Westin Itasca Wedding

The Pavilion is perfect for lighting! The simple draped walls make it easy to change the color of the room with color wash lights and up lighting. For Andrea and Jason’s Westin Itasca Wedding, they choose Amber lighting for cocktail hour and dinner and a bright fun red for the party!

Dancing at the Westin Itasca Wedding

Dancing at the Westin Itasca Wedding

Couple at Westin Itasca Wedding

Bride at Westin Itasca Wedding

It was great to see the different colored lights bouncing off the tented structure of the Lakeside Pavilion. Not only the main uplighting, but also the Intelligent dance floor lights. MDM DJs Ryan F and Ryan C were not only mixing music but also colors. With intelligent lights, the DJs control the patterns, speed and color of the light fixtures. The colors are bright and vivid and with all the different combinations, you have the ability to spotlight the special moments, such as cake cutting and the first dance.

Spot light cake at Westin Itasca Wedding

Cake cutting at the Westin Itasca Wedding

First Dance at Westin Itasca wedding

Andrea and Jason shared their first dance to “Into The Mystic” by Morrison Van.

It was great seeing everyone out on the dance floor enjoying Andrea and Jason’s big day! Friends and family came together to bust a move on the dance floor!

Their Love Story

Andrea and Jason’s Westin Itasca wedding had some great dancing but had some great extra details as well. From the place cards to the photo booth, every little detail was personalized to the Bride and Groom. 

Pictures showing the couples special moments were everywhere. You really got to know the couple and how their love blossomed. From meeting online to their first date and beyond, all the details were recorded, as they should be!

Seating cards at the Westin Itasca Wedding

Love story Book at Westin Itasca Wedding

Recording more memories was MDM Entertainment’s Photo Booth. The guest lined up during cocktail hour and dancing to take smile in the booth. Fun props were handed out make each trip in the booth different and exciting. Andrea and Jason also handed out magnetic picture frames to the guests to make their photo booth pictures last forever.

Photo Booth at Westin Itasca Wedding

Photo Booth Favors at Westin Itasca Wedding

Guest at the Photo Booth at Westin Itasca Wedding

Photo Booth at the Westin Itasca Wedding

It was a wonderful night MDM Entertainment was happy to be apart of. Congratulations Andrea and Jason, we wish you all the best!

Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: Westin Itasca

Wedding Planner: With Love Bridal, Patti 

Entertainment: MDM Entertainment

Photographer: Flybird Photography

Lighting: MDM Entertainment

Photo Booth: MDM Entertainment

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