Nicolas’ Bar Mitzvah Lighting

When I first met Nicolas I liked him right away. He didn’t want his  Bar Mitzvah lighting to be typical in any way. He wanted it to be a full- on, club-style party with lots and lots of lighting, a man after my own heart.

On June 2nd he got just that. His family rented out Chicago hot-spot Nacional 27 and brought in one of Chicago’s best Bar Mitzvah companies, Hype Productions, to provide the music, MC’s and dancers. MDM Entertainment was brought in to transform the room with Bar Mitzvah lighting.

Lighting for a Chicago Bar Mitzvah

Nacional 27 is a great space but needed a little something to take it over the top to achieve Nicolas’ vision. We worked with Nicolas to come up with a lighting design for his Bar Mitzvah that created just the right atmosphere for his dream party.

Chicago Bar Mitzvah Venue

Chicago Bar Mitzvah Lighting

MDM Entertainment brought in fabric columns, custom gobos, LED uplighting, LED dance platforms and intelligent lighting and a laser for the dance floor. It is hard for me to choose which element of the lighting design I liked best. The room looked amazing and since all of the lighting was intelligent we could completely change the color scheme and the look of the room with a few keystrokes of our computer. We had each design element isolated so we could change the color of the whole room at once or each element separately which made for an awesome light show once the dancing got going.

Room color changing with DMX at a Chicago Bar Mitzvah

As guests entered the venue they were greeted by the venue staff and a giant gobo projection of Nicolas’ logo on the wall opposite the doorway.

Custom Gobo for Bar Mitzvah

The fabric decor columns were brought in to cover the existing cement columns and were uplit to make them glow. The columns could change colors to go with the mood of the music and looked amazing. The columns and the dance floor probably made the biggest impact on the look and feel of the room.

Chicago Bar Mitzvah Lighting

The LED dance platforms were staggered at different heights to add a cool design element to the dance floor. They were, of course, also computer controlled so we could change the colors of each dance platform at will throughout the night.

We wanted to change the look and feel of the entire room, not just the dance floor, so we surrounded the perimeter of the room with LED uplighting to programmed them to change colors when needed to add a festive element to the entire room.

When the guests first entered the room everything was purple and HYPE jumped right into the show encouraging all of the guests to get right out onto the dance floor. As the second song started Nicolas wanted his guests to be blown away so we programmed the lighting to constantly change colors everywhere throughout the room.

Bar Mitzvah Lighting by MDM

When a really high energy song came on we killed the dance floor lights and let the laser sweep across the room over the crowds heads. One of the security guards at the event even commented on how that was the coolest lighting effects he had ever seen.

Laser Lighting at Chicago Bar Mitzvah

This was such a fun show to work and play with all of the different lighting elements and all of the vendors were a pleasure to work with as well.

Bar Mitzvah Lighting

As always, the team at Hype Productions delivered an amazing show and had the crowd going crazy. They play awesome music, the MCs and dancers are fantastic and they do a really great job of getting the crowd involved without being “cheesy” (something we can’t stand here at MDM).

The staff at Nacional 27 was great to work with and couldn’t have been more on top of all the details. If you are looking for a great downtown Chicago venue to hold an event I would highly recommend Nacional 27.

For more information on Bar Mitzvah lighting contact the lighting experts at MDM Entertainment today or give us a call at 773-253-4986.

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