Cara and Mike put their Belvedere Banquets wedding in a time machine! The couple choose a fun 50’s theme for their big day and MDM Entertainment was thrilled to help with some great music and themed videos.

Belvedere Banquets Wedding with 50's theme

Bringing Back The 50’s

“Mike and I have always loved the 50’s era.  The music was great, the cars were works of art, and the women were beautiful. The style from the the 50’s will always be timeless and classic. We both love tattoos, old cars, pin up girls, and rock n roll,” said Cara.

Cara and Mike’s Belvedere Banquets wedding was so Rock N Roll! The room was full of deep red lights, red flowers and 50’s memorabilia and had a 50’s soda shop theme. The couple said they had a hard time finding a hall that wasn’t pink and gold, but when they saw Belvedere Banquets elegant lobby and neutral colors, they knew their 50’s theme would go off without a hitch.

Toasts at Belvedere Banquets with 50's Theme

50's Theme at Belvedere Banquets

 “Mike’s lovely step mother Christy, works for The Meeting House Company as an event planner and she let us pick out anything we wanted to use from the warehouse. Almost everything in that room was from her. Her attention to detail is amazing! I actually didn’t get to see what the room looked like until Mike and I made our grand entrance.  She wanted it to be a surprise and it definitely was! I actually teared up a bit,” said Cara.

50's Theme centerpieces at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

The Meeting House Candles at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

To add depth to the room, some of the tables were set with red and black candles, while others had red bouquets on tall glass vases. The dance floor was a retro black and white checkered board, like a vintage soda shop. Everywhere you looked there was a new detail. It was awesome, especially the couples candy bar made of all old time candies, like Nik-L-Nips and Candy Buttons.

“The candy bar was actually my mom’s idea.  She searched high and low for all the candy and it turned out great!  Leave it to my mother to find the last few batches of Bazooka Joe ever made since they just recently stopped making it. When she gets an idea in her head, she will work her butt off until it gets done!” said Cara.

Candy Bar at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

Gum ball machine Belvedere Banquets Wedding Favor

This 50’s themed wedding would not have been complete without a 57’ Chevy lounge seat! The guests took turns posing on the couch in the perfect 50’s scene, with Cara and Mike’s engagement pictures hung up in the background. In these life size pictures, Care and Mike were seen smiling in their 50‘s gear in an old fashion diner. It was Grease Lightnin’!!

Belvedere Banquets Wedding with 50's Themed Engagement Pictures

“If I had to choose I would say my dress was my favorite purchase and Mike’s would be the 57′ Chevy.  We were also VERY happy with the DJ.  He did an outstanding job mixing our style of music and the music everyone would like.  The dance floor was packed all night!” said Cara.

“I Like That All Time Rock N Roll”

MDM projected a variety of 50’s themed ambient videos and pictures of the bride and groom throughout the evening lending a truly unique element to the wedding.  When it came time for the party our superstar DJ became a VJ seamlessly blending together music videos from the 50’s to current Top 40 all night long.

“I loved the projector screen!  It really added a fun element to the reception. I was very impressed with the amount of videos MDM was able to find. Especially for all the old 50s songs we had,” said Cara.

Chicago Wedding Lighting at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

Dance at MDM Entertainment Belvedere Banquets Wedding

Projector Screen at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

50's Theme Projector Screen at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

The guests heard everything from Elvis to Michael Jackson to PitBull. Between the fun music, the bright lights, the music videos and the checkered board dance floor, how could you not want to dance!

The projector screen really grabbed everyone’s attention when it came to the first dance and the Father, Daughter and Mother, Son dances. When the cute couple danced with their parents the screen showed pictures of them as kids growing up. When the newly weds hit the dance floor the guests were able to re-live the couples proposal with a video of the actual proposal secretly taken by Mike’s friends! The movie showed the couple sitting on Santa’s lap and Mike presenting a ring to Cara. Of course she said yes!

First dance at 50's Themed Belvedere Banquets Wedding

Father Daughter Dance at Belvedere Banquets Wedding

Baby I Love You by The Ramones has always been our song.   It was a perfect for us. Whenever we go out to a bar with a jukebox we always put that song on and sing it to each other.  We will always be punk rockers at heart and it was nice to have our first dance as husband and wife reflect that,” said Cara.

“Every moment at the reception was special to me.  Just seeing all my friends and family having a blast and enjoying themselves was gift enough.  But the EPIC Bohemian Rhapsody sing along at the end of the night would probably be at the top of my list,” said Cara.

That was one of the highlights for us too.  Seeing every single guest on the dance floor singing their hearts out along with Cara and Mike was an awesome sight! Not to mention, we got to play the video version of Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne’s World for it too 🙂

It was a great night! MDM Entertainment wants to congratulate Cara and Mike and thank them for letting us take put in their fun 50’s theme Belvedere Banquets wedding.

Check out the great moments in this MDM Entertainment Video:

Wedding Vendor List

Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Officiate: Father Chris

Reception Venue: Belvedere Banquets

Bakery: The Baking Institute

Stationary: Vista Print

Brides Attire: Eva’s of Oak Lawn

Grooms Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Photographer: Le Cape Photography

Videographer: Adebowale Adesuyi

Hair and Makeup: ClauDio Salon

Transportation: Agape Limosine

Florist: Flowers by Russ

Rental Items: Meeting House Company

Photo Booth: MDM Entertainment

Entertainment: MDM Entertainment

Lighting: Meeting House Company

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