There are many intricate details that go into planning a wedding here in the Windy City. Planning a wedding is half the fun of getting married but with so many details it can also be very stressful. To help you out MDM Entertainment has put together a two part blog to help you when creating the soundtrack for your wedding. Part One will cover finding the right company to provide the music. Part Two will cover selecting the right songs.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Entertainment

The right entertainment is crucial for a fun wedding. Your dress will be flawless, your flowers will be stunning and the venue will tie it all together, but without good music your wedding can become just a bunch of pretty pictures. Great music, creates great memories! The whole point of a wedding is to create memories with your future life partner and your friends and family. You want your guests to enjoy themselves just as much as you do on your wedding day.

Step one to creating the sound track for your wedding is choosing the right entertainment. Choosing the right band or DJ is like choosing the right Groom. You need someone that understands you, has your best interests at heart and is there for you every step of the way.

As bands are out of our area expertise we will stick to discussing DJ entertainment.

What Makes a Great DJ

Mixing music is an invaluable talent for a DJ, but at MDM Entertainment we believe a DJ is not truly great until they have mastered the art of bringing a couple’s vision of their wedding to life and reading a crowd.

Chicago Wedding DJ Dance Floor

When reading a crowd, your DJ should be able to see what music the crowd is reacting to and run with it. Do the guests get more excited about Indie Rock, Top 40 or classic wedding tunes like “Twist and Shout?” Is it all of your young friends on the dance floor or are Grandma and Grandpa out there too? A great wedding DJ will be able to judge the music styles your crowd needs to get everyone out on the dance floor.

While reading the crowd is very important, ultimately you are the reason everyone has come together to celebrate. Your ideas should sit center stage. Having a DJ who is able to listen to and understand your vision for your big day is very important.  With their understanding of your expectations, tastes and attitudes, a great wedding DJ will know their role and how to best deliver what you are looking for. A great wedding DJ will ask the right questions and listen to what you have to say.

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How Much Do You Charge?

The office gets asked this question a lot. The answer is how much detail do you want for your buck. A cheap wedding DJ is exactly what it sounds like, “cheap.” They most likely are new to the industry and may lack knowledge, experience and premium sound equipment. A quality wedding DJ will have the proper experience and training to be able to MC your wedding and ensure the entire reception flows smoothly all while playing great music.

Many brides and grooms don’t realize that the DJ is the spokesperson and coordinator for the event. You have to be able to trust that the wedding DJ you hire will be detail oriented, well spoken, and talented. Your job at your wedding is to have fun. The DJ’s job is to take care of all the details.

Packed dance floor at Chicago Wedding

When it comes to dancing, your DJ’s experience will allow them to “read the crowd” and play the right song at the right time to keep your dance floor full. You will pay a professional wedding DJ more but given their experience, training and talent, it will make all the difference.

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What Kind of DJ is For Me?

Your wedding DJ might be one of the hardest vendors to hire. As most will find out after making a few phone calls, DJ’s can be all over the spectrum in regards to style, pricing, experience, equipment, etc. Don’t worry! When you meet your DJ you just know. As stated earlier you should feel comfortable around your DJ and feel free to approach him or her with any concerns or questions.

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Bride and MDM DJ Nick

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Now that you have heard our tips on choosing the right DJ, make sure to check back here to read part two of Creating the Soundtrack for Your Wedding to find out more about selecting the music for your big day.

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