Find out how to turn your “I Do” into “I Donate” by following these genuine wedding trends!

Congrats newlyweds, and best wishes on your journey ahead! ‘Tis the season of giving, so don’t forget to give thanks to your family, friends, and loved ones. ‘Tis also the season for accumulation. Over the next several weeks, you will notice plenty of ‘things and stuff’ from your wedding enter your home at an alarming rate. You’ve officially tied the knot, and you are overwhelmed in gifts, thank you cards, party favors, and other items from your wedding day that you may never use again. Surely, some of those gifts will meet your legitimate needs, but others may only satisfy obligation. Fear not! Keep calm, and donate. There are countless people and places in the world that are less fortunate with very real needs. Here’s how you can lend a helping hand this holiday season to fiancés with financial struggles.

One of the most important details when planning a wedding is the budget! Unfortunately, some couples are forced to make extreme compromises on their dream wedding due to their inability to afford specific wants and needs. So, let’s focus on these necessities!

The most popular wedding items to donate include:

1. Wedding attire – The likelihood of a bride wearing her wedding dress again after her wedding day is very slim. Why not ask the wedding party to get on board with donating their attire, too? Learn more at Wish Upon a Wedding.

2. Decorations – There are plenty of decorations without personalized flare that can be donated after your wedding day, such as tabletop decorations. Centerpieces, tealight candles, and place card holders are universal items that can be used again for a wide variety of events.

3. Flowers – Your florist will have connections! Oftentimes, local hospice and shelters alike will accept floral donations if you coordinate with them ahead of time. Some will even pick them up for you! There are hundreds of organizations that will help re-purpose your floral decorations in a meaningful way. Check out Random Acts of Flowers, Chicago.

4. Food/Beverage items – Perhaps your party favors were hangover kits that included bottled water? Maybe you had leftover cake or midnight snack packs for your guests? Consider donating these leftover food and beverage items to a local shelter or food pantry such as Greater Chicago Food Depository, for those who are less fortunate and in need.

5. DIY supplies – Any leftover markers, pens, or other stationary items can be like new for local schools, daycare centers, and retirement homes for their crafting purposes. These places will use your gifted items to throw the ultimate birthday party for a homeless student or retired war veteran.

With so many ways (and things) to donate, it’s easy to make a difference and truly touch lives!

‘Tis the season to do some good and give back. Spread the joy this holiday season and don’t let all your pricey wedding items or unwanted gifts go to waste. Keep calm, and donate!













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