Gisha, Sanjay and 550 of their family and friends gathered to celebrate their love for one another, their love for traditions and their love for sports. Their Hyatt Regency O’Hare Wedding was a majestic sight that MDM was happy to be apart of. Gisha and Sanjay impressed their guests with the Masterpiece Wedding Package, which contains eight of MDM’s specialties.
Gisha and Sanjay opening the dance floor


Gisha and Sanjay had many beautiful traditions performed at their wedding.

The Bride and Groom entered the hall to “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris, while their bridal party formed a tunnel for them to dance through. Soon after the MC invited all of the Male relatives to circle around Gisha and Sanjay to officially and traditionally welcome them into the reception. The men all chanted together, cheering and pointing to the newly wed couple.

Gisha and Sanjay Male Chanting Tradition

As the room quieted down many other traditions began. Such as Gisha and Sanjay lighting the Unity Candle together, their families anointing their heads and their mothers blessing the new couple. Each tradition celebrated two people becoming one with love.

Gisha and Sanjay lighting the Unity Candle

Gisha and Sanjay anointing tradition

Gisha and Sanjay blessing

The Knicks, The Giants, The Bulls, The Bears

“Early in our relationship when Sanjay and I initially met, a commonality we both had was the love for the cities we were raised and brought up in along with our involvement and love for sports.”

Sanjay and Gisha Jerseys

Gisha and Sanjay brought their love for sports to each table making the table numbers, the player’s numbers. With Gisha being a huge New York Knicks and Giants fan and Sanjay being a huge Chicago Bulls and Bears fan, there were plenty of players for each table.

Gisha and Sanjay's table numbers

Gisha and Sanjay's Table numbers

The head tables also represented the stadiums the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls play at. Half of the Bridal party sat at a table labeled the United Center while the other half sat at the Madison Square Garden table. The sports themed tables were a very personal touch.

Uniter center table number

Madison Square Garden Table number

Go Big or Go Home

Gisha and Sanjay’s grand Hyatt Regency O’Hare Wedding was not complete without the Masterpiece Wedding package from MDM. This package included room drapes, a gazebo, breakout lighting patterns, color room wash lights, uplighting, a Photo Booth, huge screen projectors and their name in lights!

Gisha and Sanjay's Gobo

The mandap and drapes set the stage for the lovely couple. They sat high on the stage while their guests took pictures and gave speeches. The white drapes and flower arrangements made everything picture perfect.

Gisha and Sanjay's Gazebo

Gisha and Sanjay

Gisha and Sanjay hugging guests

The huge projection screens, looked like theater size TV screens that showed Gisha and Sanjay’s custom made logo, a picture slide show and live feed video from their videographer’s camera. The two best men took advantage of these screens by creating funny/ helpful wedding tip videos that were shown during their speeches.

Gisha and Sanjay's Logo screens

Sanjay and Gisha Screen copy

Gisha and Sanjay's Slide show

Gisha and Sanjay's video projection screens 1

Gisha and Sanjay's video projection screens 2

Everyone young and old took pictures in the Photo Booth. The props were a huge success, along with the photo scrap book, that guests were able to sign next to their picture.

Gisha and Sanjays Photo Booth 3

Gisha and Sanjays Photo Booth 2

Gisha and Sanjays Photo Booth 1

Finally as Gisha and Sanjay took to the dance floor it was glowing with breakout pattern lights that danced underneath their feet as they shared their first dance. The love between this Bride and Groom was so strong, they couldn’t wait to be in each others arms for their first dance.

“The song (“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz) for our first dance was pretty easy to choose.  It was the song that Sanjay and I danced together to for the first time while on our first vacation together in Punta Cana.”

Gisha and Sanjay's First Dance

Opening the dance floor the room turned purple with MDM’s room color wash and uplights. The breakout pattern lights still shown through giving a glowing affect, making the room look like an upscale night club.

Gisha and Sanjay's Dance Floor 3

Gisha and Sanjay's Dance Floor 2

Gisha and Sanjay's Dance Floor 1


Knowing that the wedding reception would have to hold over 500 people Gisha and Sanjay choose the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. Not only because of it’s grand ballroom but also because of it’s perfect location between the airport and church. Having so many guests played a big role in location and helped to make this couple’s day even better.

Gisha and Sanjay's Dance Floor 4

Gisha and Sanjay's Dance Floor 5

“Our favorite memory from our wedding day is the moment the doors opened at the church for Gisha to walk down the aisle.  The church was packed with our family and friends but the moment we saw each other from a distance, there was nobody else there.”

Congratulations Gisha and Sanjay!! MDM was honored to be apart of your wedding!!

Ceremony Venue: Holy Family Parish
Ceremony Musicians: Richard Sokos
Reception Venue: Hyatt Regency O’Hare
Catering: Hyatt Regency O’Hare
Bakery: Oak Mill Bakery
Stationary: An Affair to Remember, Audra Byrne & Jena Warren
Brides Attire: Ysa Makino
Photographer: Colin Lyons
Videographer: Modern Image
Hair and Makeup: Hair – Livia Caporale, Makeup – Andie Cumber
Transportation: Windy City Limousine & Emperor Limousine
Florist: Flowers by Stem
Photo Booth: MDM Entertainment
Entertainment: MDM Entertainment
Lighting: MDM Entertainment
Planner / Coordinator: An Affair to Remember, Audra Byrne & Jena Warren

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