White Pines Golf Club is a beautiful wide open venue. It is rustic and chic with wooden rafters and big bay windows. MDM Entertainment’s Hanging Grapevine Balls and purple up lights really helped to brighten the room up and give it an extra edge for this rustic meets modern wedding.

Hanging Grapevine Balls at the White Pines Golf Club Wedding

Rustic and Classy

A rustic style wedding is full of different textures and natural organics, like wood and branches. This Bride and Groom’s wedding added to the rustic feel of White Pines by adding centerpieces with flowers and branches. They also added uplighting to wash the walls in purple to bring in a little bit of a contemporary feel.

White Pine Golf Club Wedding Centerpieces

To top it all off MDM Entertainment brought in their newest favorite, their Hanging Grapevine Balls. The grapevine balls floated above the dance floor as guests danced the night away under hundreds of twinkling lights.

Chicago Wedding Lighting at the White Pines Golf Club Wedding

Chicago Wedding Lighting Hanging Grapevine Balls

Bride and Groom dancing under The Hanging Grapevine Balls

Bride and Groom dancing at White Pines Golf Club

It was a great celebration and MDM Entertainment congratulates the new couple!!

For more information on lighting at the White Pines Golf Club or hanging grapevine balls for your venue, contact MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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