Billing their Hyatt Lodge wedding reception as “The Eve Before the Eve” Rick and Julie tied the knot on December 30th, 2013. This fun loving couple wanted a wedding reception party rivaling that of the the next day’s New Year’s Eve festivities, and they got it.

Hyatt Lodge Wedding

The Prairie Ballroom at the Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook looked beautiful with amber uplighting that went perfectly with the wedding color scheme.

Hyatt Lodge Wedding Lighting

Julie’s dad, John, gave a touching and memorable welcome speech with just the right amount of humor. It was a little cheesy but in a touching, good way when he said Rick (last name Smeaton) was “Smitten” with the “Gorgeous” Julie (last name Georgas). He got lots of ohs and awes from the crowd on that one 🙂

The photo booth saw a steady stream of guests throughout the evening, all of whom left a photo strip and a message for the newlyweds in the photo booth photo album.

After dinner was over the crowd was up and dancing right away, ready to celebrate this couple’s marriage. We started with a good mix of Motown, a little Frank and some oldies but quickly moved into 90’s and current Top 40. Monday weddings are always a little tougher than Saturday weddings but this crowd rocked!

Hyatt Lodge Wedding DJ

I was definitely down for this wedding as Rick and Julie really like 90’s dance music (think Real McCoy, LaBouche, Haddaway, etc) and it has been far to long since I’ve thrown down a good 90’s dance set! It was awesome when a guest came up and requested Nikki French “Total Eclipse“, I haven’t played that one in a long time!

Hyatt Lodge Wedding DJ 2

Another highlight of the night was Julie’s elderly grandmother  “Ya Ya” tearing up the dance floor with all the youngsters. She was having the time of her life surrounded by all of her family and friends.

Hyatt Lodge Wedding Ya Ya Dancing

Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook Wedding Dancing

The Hyatt Lodge does a fantastic job with weddings. The food is delicious and the staff is always friendly and ultra-attentive. I always know it is going to be a good wedding there. One of the highlights for the wedding guests at the Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook is the late night snack. At around 11 pm waiters come out with trays and trays of McDonalds cheeseburgers for the crowd. The guests always love the tasty late night snack. One of the advantages to being located on the McDonalds University campus!

Congratulations to Rick and Julie and thank you for letting MDM be a part of your wedding day!

For more information on a DJ or lighting for your Hyatt Lodge wedding contact the wedding experts at MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986!

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