We’ve been so busy putting together incredible weddings this year that we have been a little lax about posting to the blog lately. We’ve got lot’s of great wedding lighting and drape photos and concepts from all of these spectacular weddings to share with you. However, as soon as we saw these beautiful images from our friends at Averyhouse we knew we had to put up a blog on Stephanie and Brian’s gorgeous Intercontinental Chicago wedding right away.

The ballroom at the Intercontinental Chicago is a beautiful, opulent space perfect for a wedding. Of course, any venue can be made better with a little soft drape and romantic lighting 🙂

MDM’s designers worked with Stephanie and Brian and their thoroughly talented planner Allison from LK Events to come up with a simple yet stunning plan for their May wedding.

We love this shot of Stephanie and Ben sharing a special a moment before the guests arrive.

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Lighting

The drapes and lighting were stunning.  The room looked amazing!!! We had a little time to our selves before the reception got started and it was spectacular to just soak in the beauty of the room. Thank you so much!!! – Stephanie

To add a candle-like, romantic glow the ballroom was uplit in a soft amber.

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Up Lighting

The gorgeous floral arrangements from Fleur were individually pin spotted to show them off in their full glory.

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Up Uplighting and Pinspotting

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Up Uplighting and Pinspots

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Up Uplights and Pinspotting

For this Intercontinental Chicago wedding the giant marble wall was hidden by beautiful ivory drape which served as the perfect backdrop for the band and all of the evening’s festivities.

The stage was uplit in purple to add a splash of color and excitement while still complimenting the amber color of the rest of the room.

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Drape

Stephanie and Brian's Intercontinental Chicago Wedding First Dance

Stephanie and Brian's Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Drape

Stephanie and Brian and their guests were having so much fun on the dance floor dancing to the sounds of The Party Faithful they ended up extending the party past midnight!

Intercontinental Chicago Wedding Dance Floor

Stephanie and Brian's Intercontinental Chicago Wedding  Lighting

Once again, special thanks to Averyhouse for all of the beautiful images, to Allison from LK Events for putting it all together perfectly and to all the members of the wedding team that helped make Stephanie and Brian’s wedding day so beautiful and memorable!

The Wedding Team

For more information on drape and lighting for your Intercontinental Chicago wedding contact MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986!

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