MDM Entertainment is proud to present the newest innovation in wedding lighting: a portable LED dance floor, available for your wedding or special event!

This is Not Your Average John Travolta Movie

Now, you’re probably envisioning a cheesy Saturday-Night-Fever-esque dance floor. Muted lights, bad platform shoes, and even worse hair style choices. Push that vision aside because this LED dance floor is nothing short of incredible. The LED dance floor brings a whole new twist on the old ‘disco-style’ floor.

Chicago LED Dance Floor

Portable LED Dance Floor: The Basics

The LED lights that lay beneath each panel provide loads of stunning visuals.  The colors and shapes change with each beat provided by your Chicago Wedding DJ,  making it a great attraction for your guests. The LED dance floor is adjustable to up to twenty by twenty feet and completely portable so it can be easily setup at just about any location. Couple that with a ton of color options available for the lights and you have a centerpiece that can fit in with any reception theme or location!

Get Up and Dance

When planning ahead for a wedding, many brides fear they will be the host of THAT wedding. We’ve all been guests of or heard of a wedding where all of the guests sit in their seats while the DJ plays tunes to a dance-less audience. Receptions are supposed to be more than just a free bar. They’re supposed to be a joyous celebration of the marriage of two amazing people –  and dancing is a key part of that! Incorporating the LED dance floor into your reception can be a great way to get your guests out of their seats and into the center of the room.

Chicago LED Dance Floor


Picture Perfect

There are many things you invest in for your wedding day that you won’t necessarily use after. The gift card box, the flowers, and more. The LED Dance Floor is something else you can’t take with you, but the photos are another story. The photos taken on your special day are mementos to be cherished, evidence of your marriage that cannot be reenacted. Make the best of those moments by using an LED dance floor. The colors make for stunning pictures that could not be created in any other fashion – you’ll have wedding photos like no one else! The LED dance floor is truly a priceless investment in the memories from your wedding celebration!

Chicago LED Dance Floor

Let MDM Entertainment’s LED dance floor provide your guests with a mesmerizing dance floor to get their groove on like it’s the twenty-second century. No bell bottoms required.

See more photos and video of the LED dance floor.

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