It goes without saying that Chicago weather is unpredictable. You can have all four seasons in just one day. So how do you decide where to have your wedding? Here are some things to remember when planning an outdoor wedding in Chicago.

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Many women dream of saying “I Do” in a gorgeous blooming garden with trees and greenery. The thought of having a sunset as your backdrop is beautiful in theory, but lets face it we live in unpredictable Chicago. While an outdoor wedding in Chicago may make for some beautiful pictures it could also set you up for some beautiful mishaps.

Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Chicago…

It rains in Chicago, all year round.

Wedding venues have to be planned months in advance. Make sure to check with a wedding planner to see what the best time of the year would be. If you are still leaning toward a sometimes soggy month, plan ahead! Get umbrellas that match your dresses or come up with a plan B place to say “I Do.”

Gazebo for an Outdoor Wedding in Chicago

It is HOT in the summer.

Not only do you have to worry about sweating in your lovely lace mermaid flair dress and melting off your make-up artist’s work, but also think about your guests. You can’t put grandma in the beating sun! Plan for some kind of shade. Lace umbrellas or personal hand fans can be a cute touch and little keep sakes for your guests.

Exchanging rings during an outdoor Wedding in Chicago

There are bugs outside.

Nothing is worse then watch your wedding video and seeing everyone watching a bee flying over head instead of the Groom kissing the Bride. Plan for some bug spray so your bridesmaid’s ankles don’t get eaten up. Maybe try putting bug guard spray around the perimeter before the ceremony begins and definitely lay off the perfumes and lotions that day.

Outdoor Wedding in Chicago the Ceremony

High heel shoes and soft grass don’t mix.

Seeing a bridesmaid battle her sinking heels does not make a pretty picture. Flats, wedges or chunkier heels may be the way to go for a grassy aisle.

down the aisle at the Prairie Productions Wedding

Sound doesn’t always travel as planned.

Plan the right equipment for the ceremony, with microphones and speakers. Everyone’s voices travel at different speeds and with the wind in Chicago, guests may have a hard time hearing your vows. Having a DJ that can listen and adjust the sound levels on the spot is a great bonus.

Sarah & Flo exchanging vows in an outdoor wedding in Chicago

Everything outside becomes a public event.

Depending on your location, even if you only invited your closest friends and family more people may take a peak into your wedding festivities. This is not a bad thing but it is something to be aware of in a crowded city like Chicago. Anything could happen.

Kate Dougherty Photography at Prairie Productions Wedding Millennium Park Vows for Prairie Productions Wedding

Being outside is more kid friendly.

In a huge echoing church if your nephew starts crying everyone will know about it. Outside, mom can swiftly sneak away before junior gets really upset. Plus kids seem to be more at ease and easily distracted outside, unless the weather is bad then see tip number 1 and 2.

First kiss during an Outdoor Wedding in Chicago

You can’t control the sunlight outside.

In an indoor wedding, lights can be dimmed or brightened as needed, but outside if the suns going down, it’s going down. Make sure to think about day light savings time and when your wedding will take place. Also never face the sun! Squinting in all of your pictures probably won’t look good. Discussing this with your photographer though, should be a no brainer.

Bride and Groom enjoying Outdoor Wedding in Chicago

MDM Entertainment has seen countless beautiful and successful outdoor weddings. As long as you are prepared for anything an outdoor wedding in Chicago can be a breath taking celebration with everlasting memories.

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