Smita and Sanjay celebrated their Ashyana Banquets wedding with great music and a lot of fun. It is a tradition for Indian weddings to be 3-4 days long and MDM Entertainment was thrilled to be a part of every exciting moment.

Ashyana Banquets Wedding

The View From The Inside

There is only one word to describe the Ashyana Banquets, beautiful! The room makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale with the high ceilings and sparking chandeliers.

The walls are a light pastel color, making it easy to reflect different color lights against it, which is exactly what Smita and Sanjay did for their celebration. The walls were decorated with drapes and lit with different shades of pink, purple, yellow and orange.

In between all of the great colors were flickers of light from a million little candles. You never know how romantic candles are until you have dozens of them. The candles were placed on the tables, in the centerpieces and all over the sweet heart table where the bride and groom sat. Tall cylinders housed the light from the candles making a romantic glow that really complimented the pure white flowers.

Ashyana Banquets Wedding Centerpieces

Candles at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Candles on the Head Table at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

The most eye catching part of Smita and Sanjay’s Ashyana Banquets wedding was the ceiling. The construction of the room had three domes which looked like skylights but were actually murals all lit up. So even though the room was dimmed for the party, the sky was always bright.

sky ceilings at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Decor at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

The Entertainment

MDM’s resident Indian wedding DJ Aumir took to the tables as soon as the first dance was over and seamlessly mixed every kind of music imaginable. The couple’s favorite songs, the crowd’s favorite songs, popular main stream music and popular Indian music, all with an awesome beat. They don’t call him the “Beat Guru” for nothing!

Chicago Wedding DJ at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Dance Floor at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

On top of all the great music, MDM DJ Aumir collaborated with the couples Dhol player. A Dhol is a two sided barrel drum played with bamboo sticks. The drum symbolizes a celebration, bringing energy to the crowd making them want to cheer for the newly wed couple.

The drum added more beats to the music making every song deeper and more meaningful. It was amazing to see DJ Aumir and the Dhol player feed off of each other’s music and the crowd enjoying every minute of it.

Dhol player at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Traditional Dhol at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Dancing at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Chicago Wedding Dj Fun at the Ashyana Banquets Wedding

Smita and Sanjay’s Ashyana Banquets wedding was a ton of fun. All the traditions were beautiful and MDM Entertainment was so happy to join this couple on their journey to becoming husband and wife.

Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: Ashyana Banquets

Photographer: Joseph Kang

Videographer: Johnny Coughlin

Entertainment: MDM Entertainment

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