In Madonna’s 1990 hit song Vogue she was talking about striking a pose out on the dance floor but why not move those poses in front of a camera? Photo booths are a way for wedding guests to let loose. Even your shyest guest will strike a shocking pose behind the photo booth curtain. From the ever popular kiss-y face picture to the High School Musical jump, coming up with a great pose is the best part of a photo booth. Here are some of the best ways to get a Photo Booth picture perfect pose.

Prop, Prop, Prop It Up In the Photo Booth

Fuze WebUsing props in your photos is a great way to add some flair to your pictures. With all the different hats, glasses and wigs that come in the photo booth, there is something for everyone. Take on as many different personalities as possible. Are you having a theme to your wedding or special event? Why not get matching props!

The More the Merrier

Wedding Photo BoothSome photo booths are good for big groups of people. The more people you try and squeeze into a picture the more fun and outrageous the picture becomes. With tons of excitement the chaotic picture will come out great.

Be Artistic

Dec 20 2007 15:45PM 4.735 cc589148,Everyone loves a famous pose reenactment, so try and copy your favorite art. For example the Mona Lisa smile, The Scream or the three wise monkeys. Remember the more poses you do the better.



Putting movement into your photos is not the easiest pose but it is the funnest. Action makes everything more exciting. So try pretend to run out of the box, jump up with the picture, or take Madonna’s advice and Vogue.

Operation Comedy Web

No matter what pose you choose, it will surely be something to remember after your wedding or event.


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