The english language now accepts phrases like “Facebook me,” “Find me on Instagram” and “Did you get my Tweet?” Today, anyone can know your whole life story by following you on Twitter and in five minutes you can attend eight different parties just by scrolling through your newsfeed. It’s 2013, Social Media is the center of our attention, so why not use social media on your wedding day!

Using Social Media on your Wedding Day

Hashtag It!!

It’s all about the Hashtag, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Giving your Tweet or Post a Hashtag is like giving a search engine a GPS. A Hashtag allows search engines to collect and group tweets and posts easily.

MDM hashtag examples

How does this help you at your wedding? Well lets face it with smart phones almost everyone checks into places, posts statuses or tags pictures every where they go. All of those check-ins, posts and tags could be at your wedding and if your guests had a  hashtag to include you could easily go back and collect all of these memories.

Let’s say cousin Ben checks-in to your Photo Booth on Facebook or Aunt Carol posts a beautiful picture of your daddy daughter dance. With Hashtags like #KTsWedding or #Nicki&JeffsLove, all of these wonderful moments can easily be found online.

MDM Entertainment's Facebook Hashtag Picture

Check-out this blog about Mallory’s Instagram Wedding! She took her wedding photos to a whole new level just by giving her guests a hashtag!!

CrowdSourcing Blog Idea

Celebrity Status

Everyday more and more brides are prowling Social Media sites, especially Pinterest, to find fun and unique wedding ideas. It only takes a couple people to pin your idea to make it an exciting new trend. You could be helping brides everyone with one idea.

MDM Entertainment Pintrest

Your color scheme can help another bride find hers or your cupcake tree could solve a brides chocolate vs vanilla dilemma. It is a win, win for everyone.

Keep Everyone Informed

Another perk to Social Media is almost everyone is on it so why not stay in touch with your bridal party on there. Group emails work but sometimes get messy and somebody will always forget to hit “reply to all.” With a Facebook group page or an Event Page, everyone involved can see the posts and a timeline of the posts.

For example if you are throwing Bridesmaid shoe ideas you can easily bounce them off each other on your wedding event page.

Final Thought

One thing to remember though is once things are online, they are online!! Photos and posts live forever online so while a picture of your Bridesmaids helping you hold your dress up in the bathroom may be cute it might not be cute for everyone to see.

Have fun with social media on your wedding day!!

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