A beautiful centerpiece can make a huge statement at your wedding. With the season being spring many new wedding centerpiece trends are popping up everywhere. People are now going for a more unique look with less flowers and more surprises.

To Flower or Not to Flower

According to Bridal Guide this years flower will be the Peonies, but with that being said a lot of Wedding experts believe flowers will no longer be presented in the average bouquet and will appear in special designs or not appear at all.

2013 Peonies Flowers

On Pinterest, the ideas are endless and it seemed to be all about what the flowers are in, not just about the flowers themselves. Many flowers have been featured inside candles or in homemade jars. Loose bundles of flowers seem to be in. Letting the flowers hang over the vase or off of a bigger centerpiece, like a metal tree, is key.

Flowers inside a candle 2013 Centerpieces

Architectural Artifacts Wedding Tree Centerpiece

Bright Bold and Beautiful, a popular Wedding Blog, noticed at the 2013 DIY Floral Arranging Seminar at Vogue Flowers that flowers were scarce. The Wedding centerpiece trends now are bird cages, terrariums and decorated lanterns. Brides are trying to come up with new and exciting ways to decorate their weddings.


Tall vs Short

Some people say keep the centerpieces short, some say let them climb to the ceiling but many say mix it up. It all depends on your venue and how big the room is. If the room is huge and grand then the centerpieces need to match the grand venue. If its an intimate setting then candles may be the way to go.

Also think about your guests. Are they short or tall? Is it going to be hard for them to catch up with Aunt Sue from across the table? Are they going to be able to catch a picture perfect moment without a flower getting in the way? These are all questions that need to be answered. Try testing your centerpieces at home and see if you can see under them, through them or over them.

Tall Centerpiece Short candle Centerpieces

The WOW Factor

Bottom line all Brides want that WOW factor. Prowling Pinterest is the modern day thing to do. Here are some crazy, fun, cute and beautiful wedding centerpiece trends we have found…

Winter Centerpiece

Fishbowl Centerpiece Seashell Centerpiece

Glass Centerpiece Apple Centerpiece





Remember you want your guests to move around and be amused so the more variations you do the more your guests will walk around. Many people will make it a point to visit every table just to see all of your centerpieces.

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