Chicago’s Youth Outreach Service is an organization dedicated to helping children, teens and young adults who face life’s challenges. MDM Entertainment had the opportunity to join them at Germania Place for their annual Spring Soiree to help raise funds and awareness. The party was complete with a  DJ, room lighting and a photo booth!

Germania Place Up Lights

Germania Place PB and DJ

A festive mood was created at Germania Place with up lighting that changed colors throughout the night. Spring colors, like purple, blue, green, yellow and pink, lit the walls to fit every mood of the night.

Youth Outreach Services also decorated the room with startling statistics and interactive information. From the Ping Pong Ball exhibit that showed the number of deaths in Chicago, to the anonymous “What Mistakes could have gotten you here?” survey, there was information in every corner and on every table.

YOS Ping Pong Ball display

YOS Centerpieces

Youth Outreach Services Survey

The eye catching displays were also accompanied by flat screens, supplied by MDM. The screens showed inspirational quotes, shocking statistics and many YOS success stories for the guests all night.

The Art Gallery

Youth Outreach Services takes pride in their students and their programs, especial Art Beat which was showcased at the Spring Soiree. Three students, Michelle 15, Kenneth 18 and Markell 17, were asked to paint while at the event.

YOS students painting at Germania Place

“I am nervous but excited to be painting here. I going to paint the Skyline for everyone,” said 15 year old, Michelle.

Student Painting at YOS
Art Beat is a support program that allows students to express themselves through art. They not only express their artistic skills through painting, but also through poetry, graphics, drawings, dancing, rapping, photography and music. The mission of this program is “Youth Reaching Youth Through Art.”

The Prizes

Youth Outreach Services also held a silent auction and a cork pull raffle in the Germania Place Royal Ballroom. The silent auction tables were lit up with pin spot lights and offered everything from cute pet supplies to sports tickets.

Germania Place Pin Spot lights

Germania Place Raffle Prizes pin spot light

There was something there for everyone, especially when it came to the cork pull raffle. With a $20 donation participants were able to pick a random wine cork from a bowl and go home with a bottle of wine ranging in price from $9-$84.

Germania Place Silent Raffle

Germain Place YOS Wine Raffle

Photo Booth

The whole night was a huge success, especially when it came to the Photo Booth. All the guests lined up to take a funny picture in the photo booth from Photo Booth Express. There was a goofy hat / prop for everyone who was so inclined.

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 7

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 6

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 5

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 4

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 3

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 2

YOS Germania Place Photo Booth 1

It was great too see so many people smiling for and supporting such a good cause. The whole night was a huge success, that MDM was proud to be a part of.

For more information about how MDM can provide the lighting for your Germania Place event contact us today at 773.253.4986.

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