Nowadays, couples are finding increasingly creative ways to personalize their wedding day. And it’s no wonder that beach wedding in Goa is one among them. This year we’ll see many couples ditching old traditions for fresh, unique ideas. This includes swapping floral arrangements for organic tablescapes, ditching traditional wedding cakes for dessert tables, and choosing wedding bands that speak to your unique individual style, rather than matching with your new spouse. Check out these five wedding trends that we’re expecting to see a lot of this year.

Cathedral ceremonies

While this may not be a new trend, we’ve noticed that many couples have taken a step away from cathedral ceremonies in recent years. In 2019, we’ll see many couples reverting back to classic cathedral ceremonies. This is a great option for the conventional couple who wants to exchange their vows in a more traditional manner. Not to mention, the gorgeous interior and exterior of most cathedrals provides the perfect backdrop for all of the must have moments to be captured as you and your partner say “I do”!

Greenery filled tablescapes

Greenery has been a rising trend over the years in a variety of spaces including home decor and floral arrangements. This year we’ll see many couples incorporating greenery into their reception decor in place of traditional flowers. Look for greenery in the form of plants and herbs displayed in modern vessels at your next wedding. We’ll also be seeing a lot of modern-style wood or ceramic boxes containing different types of natural greenery at receptions.

Non-matching wedding bands

In previous years, many couples selected matching wedding bands to symbolize their eternal love. In recent years, we’ve seen many couples stray away from matching rings and opt for wedding bands that reflect their own unique styles. Since you and your future spouse are going to be wearing these rings forever, it’s important to choose something that you both are going to love wearing. Many jewelers, including Blue Nile, offer a diverse collection of men’s and women’s wedding bands, allowing you and your partner to find your perfect style directly online.

Delicious dessert displays

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Dessert tables and displays aren’t exactly new, but they’re certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only are they appealing to your guests with a variety of decadent options, they’re also extremely photogenic. Not to mention, they allow for more room, which is the perfect excuse to add even more dessert options to your reception in addition or even in place of the traditional wedding cake. This year, be on the lookout for dessert displays filled with a variety of tasty options including multiple single-tier wedding cake options, locally made treats, DIY candy bars, and cookies. Doughnut walls will also be a big hit at weddings this year!

Activities in place of favors

Rather than sending your guests off with personalized chocolates, many couples are now choosing to offer guests an experience as the ultimate thank you for celebrating their special day with them. This is perfect for couples that are interested in hosting a wedding weekend. A great way to do this is to have your actual wedding day on a Sunday and on the days leading up to your wedding, organize an activity, such as a sunset boat cruise or a cocktail mixing glass. This is a great way to celebrate and spend time with each of your loved ones before the big day and make everlasting memories.

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