Anyone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s knows how awesome blacklights are. Throwing a blacklight party in your parents basement was relatively easy. A blacklight, a stereo, some fluorescent paint, neon clothes and an awesome blacklight poster and you were all set.

Blacklight PosterBlack Light

Flash forward to 2014, black light parties are back and better than ever! Blacklight parties are all the rage all over the country with some even attracting thousands of people.

With our ever expanding line of special effect lighting, MDM Entertainment now has a large inventory of LED UV blacklights perfect for your blacklight party. Add one of our professional DJs in to take the party to the next level. Whether your tastes are EDM or 80’s, or everything in-between, our experienced club DJs have got the music for your blacklight party covered!

Blacklight Party DJ

If you are planing a blacklight party you’ll want to stock up on neon clothes (or white T shits to paint on), lot’s of fluorescent paint, fluorescent makeup, and glowsticks.

Black light party paint

Just do a search on Pinterest for black light or glow party and you can see hundreds of great ideas for your blacklight party!

Blacklight Party Ideas

For more information on DJ and lighting services for your blacklight party contact MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986!

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