In Creating The Sound Track for Your Wedding: Part One we gave you some pointers on hiring the right entertainment for your wedding. Now that you’ve picked out the perfect DJ or band for your wedding, it’s time you started thinking about song selection and putting together your wedding music list. First and foremost, you want the […]

There are many intricate details that go into planning a wedding here in the Windy City. Planning a wedding is half the fun of getting married but with so many details it can also be very stressful. To help you out MDM Entertainment has put together a two part blog to help you when creating the soundtrack for your wedding. Part […]

It goes without saying that Chicago weather is unpredictable. You can have all four seasons in just one day. So how do you decide where to have your wedding? Here are some things to remember when planning an outdoor wedding in Chicago. Many women dream of saying “I Do” in a gorgeous blooming garden with […]

The english language now accepts phrases like “Facebook me,” “Find me on Instagram” and “Did you get my Tweet?” Today, anyone can know your whole life story by following you on Twitter and in five minutes you can attend eight different parties just by scrolling through your newsfeed. It’s 2013, Social Media is the center […]

In Madonna’s 1990 hit song Vogue she was talking about striking a pose out on the dance floor but why not move those poses in front of a camera? Photo booths are a way for wedding guests to let loose. Even your shyest guest will strike a shocking pose behind the photo booth curtain. From […]

What Makes A Great Wedding DJ? Ask ten different people what makes a great wedding DJ and you will probably get ten different answers, all of which are right. To be a good wedding DJ one must posses a variety of different skill sets and traits that work together to create a memorable wedding for […]

Our guest blog on Fall wedding cakes comes from Alexandra Solak, Marketing & General Manager at Oak Mill Bakery. Oak Mill Bakery opened its doors in 1986, and Alexandra has happily been working there since 2008. If she had to decide, her favorite cake flavor is the devil’s chocolate ganache, although she lives for the french macarons. […]

With good tunes from your Chicago wedding DJ, a tasty dinner, and a well-stocked bar at your reception, the majority of your guests will be more than content. Unfortunately you will likely have some attendees that are more difficult to please. They get cranky if they’re out too late, most of their music preferences sound […]