For the vast majority of a wedding, the bride and groom are the focus of the moment. Every guest is constantly staring, taking in the dress, the tuxedo, and never-ending smiles. But the time comes in the evening where the guests are seated and instead of looking at the happy couple, they are positioned in a circle where the focus becomes that little something in the middle: the centerpiece. These small, but effective, additions to your décor can reflect that special sort of atmosphere you’ve always dreamed about for your special day. Here are some tips to get you centered on your ideas.

Keep in mind that while these decorations are supposed to be at the center, they are just a piece there-of. You do not want your centerpieces to get in the way of your guests and become the center of attention in a negative way Instead, opt for a really tall or really short piece. For shorter floral arrangements, incorporate a fishbowl-style vase.  If you go for tall, note that the base should be thin or see through as well. Choose something like a classic glass vase, or a romantically styled iron candlestick. That way, guests can easily converse over the table without craning their necks and feeling terribly awkward.



Note: You don’t have to just do one or the other – consider having both short and tall arrangements to create an interesting dynamic to your décor. Emphasize the difference with subtle lighting techniques like tea candles or pin spotting.

A great example of this would be from the Viella’s wedding that took place just this past weekend at the Millennium Knickbocker Hotel in downtown Chicago. The pairing of low and high arrangements came to life with some tea candles and pin spotting.


On a tight budget? Double your flowers as favors or nametags. Instead of creating one large piece for every table, make smaller arrangements to fit at each place setting. Personalize it with your wedding colors or initials of the bride and groom. Keep in mind you will have to find 8-12 per table depending of the size of the table at your venue – petite and portable is the way to go.

Though the traditional choice of flowers is classic and beautiful, don’t eliminate other plants. Incorporate a different aesthetic by using thin tall leaves, bamboo, or whimsical branches (think cherry blossom or maple tree). Or, eliminate plant life all together and choose a centerpiece a little more unique to the couple. Stack a few of your favorite books or a significant statue or piece of memorabilia. Pictures are always a great conversation starter, so correlate the table number with a picture of the bride and groom from that year of their life.

If the non-traditional centerpiece is what you fancy, take it a step further by making them interactive with your guests. Leave a box and paper on the table for well wishes as an alternative to a guest book. Instead of putting a number in the center of your table, put labels on the wine bottles used for dinner. There are hundreds of possibilities when you look outside the garden.

Centerpieces are great focal points for your wedding reception. From classic and traditional floral arrangements to fresh new ideas, centerpieces are a great way to carry your theme to the eyes of every guest.

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