DJ Juan P

DJ Bio

  • Name: Juan P “DJ Sabor”
  • Birthplace/Hometown: Chicago
  • Current Residence: Garden City, MI
  • School/College attended: UIC
  • Field of study: Psychology
  • When I’m not DJ’ing, I can be found: Coaching my son’s soccer team
  • Favorite music genres: House Music, Salsa, Merengue, Top 40… Anything that fills a dance floor
  • Favorite artists: Frank Sinatra, Al Green, Prince
  • Favorite song: Always and Forever, What a wonderful World
  • Types of events I specialize in: Bilingual Weddings, Corporate events
  • Causes/organizations I support: Disabled Veterans of America
  • Favorite quote: You can learn a lot about a man’s character by the way he treats those who can do do nothing for him.
  • One word that describe me: Optimistic
  • Prized possessions I couldn’t live without: My first pair of turntables I bought when I was 17 to teach myself how to DJ
  • Something no one would guess by looking at me: I have been a stay at home dad since my 12 year old son was 1.
  • On being a wedding DJ (or Working in the wedding and special event industry):A wedding is a special day in which 2 families come together. As a wedding DJ it is important to understand that we as entertainers do this many times per wedding season. The couple that you are working with tonight is doing this for the first time. It is our job to understand their expectations and deliver for them.

DJ Reviews

“Thank thank thank you! Everything was wonderful! We cannot believe how great Juan was. We threw the kitchen sink at him with changes on the spot and he was able to adapt and was extremely professional! I cannot say enough great things about your company!” – Whitney G

“I would recommend DJ Juan  to anybody looking for a DJ. DJ Juan  was knowledgeable in different music genres and styles. DJ Juan  was able to satisfy the music preferences of different cultures which included American, Asian, and Latino. DJ Juan  was also able to satisfy the music preferences of different age groups. DJ Juan had the dance floor full from beginning to end and able to change through different types of songs seamlessly. The mood of the music of the party was excitement, magical, and Euphoric! The joy of the music was getting everybody up to dance. Thanks DJ Juan for the wonderful and unforgettable music that night at the Willis Tower.” – John M

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Chicago Bilingual Wedding DJ Juan P

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