It’s your average Sunday in the Chicago suburbs. You’re gathered with your friends at what you thought was a block party for two retiring Schaumburg police officers. The DJ is playing some great tunes, the lighting makes the pavement glow, and there are plenty of drinks and laughs to go around.

Then, an urgent announcement is made by the DJ that everyone must get into the backyard. Confusion mixed with excitement is almost tangible. There is one unanimous thought from all in attendance: What the heck is going on?!?!


Blocked off street sign

You have just found yourself at not a retirement party, but a FLASH MOB WEDDING! Er… but what is that?

The popularity of flash mobs has risen in recent years, making their way into sporting events, malls, and even marriage proposals. A flash mob is a large group of people that assemble in a public place suddenly, and perform some sort of choreographed action (usually a dance or song).

Kim Panzarella and Lisa Rieger, decided to take that same principle and tailor it to a surprise wedding, creating With the help of 40 mobbers and donations by local vendors including Here Comes the Bride, Artistic Floral Design, and us at MDM Entertainment, the entire wedding/reception was set up in just under 30 minutes.


Chicago Flash Mob Wedding

Chicago Flash Mob Wedding

Flash Mob Wedding Chicago






Mike “Con” Conjura and Libby Watkins have been together for 26 years. Mike affectionately tells their story by teasing Libby, smiling as he lists the numerous times he asked his future bride out on a date, only to be turned down. Eventually she accepted, only to cancel later on. It took one office party after that, and the rest is history. See more of their story from video: Mike + Libby, Flash Mob Wedding.

Both having been previously married, Mike and Libby were head over heals, but in no rush to waltz back up the aisle to the alter. However, with both their retirements (and pensions) just around the corner, they decided that it would be easier from a legal standpoint to just go ahead and tie the knot.

Which is exactly why no one saw this wedding coming! Not their friends, not their co-workers, not even their families. Libby asked her father, a retired Cook County judge, to walk her down the aisle just moments before the wedding.

The crowd of confused guests sat in the backyard on dozens of quickly assembled white chairs and under the glow of purple lights. Friends and family threw around questions and waited in deep anticipation, completely clueless as to what was to come.

After a few tense moments, the groom, known for his laid back biker look, emerged onto the patio looking quite dapper in a tuxedo. Panzarella, flash mob coordinator and an ordained minister, stepped in front of the crowd. The picture was starting to get clearer, which anyone could tell from the cheers and laughter erupting from the guests.

At any normal wedding, the guests stand in silence and awe at the splendor of the bride. But this was no normal wedding! The bride was received with big smiles, “No way’s”, and “They’re getting married?!”

Chicago Flash Mob Wedding


The smiles and laughter didn’t stop there as the couple and the guests progressed back to the “reception” area constructed in the middle of the cul de sac during the ceremony. Even after the couple said their, “I do’s”, friends and family were still in shock.

More surprises came when the flash mob assembled again to perform a dance along with the bride.

Chicago Flash Mob Wedding

Chicago Wedding Lighting











Panzarella, also a friend to the bride, was beyond excited for this very successful surprise.

“After 26 years, you can’t help but be in shock…after that amount of time, everyone is bound to be emotional. The guests went nuts! Cheering and all, everyone was so happy and having an unforgettable time! It meant a lot to be a part of it”.

40 volunteers, 26 years, 1 memorable surprise. Congrats to Mike and Libby!


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