You’ve found the perfect venue for your wedding, but something is missing…You can’t quite put your finger on it. Then, in a moment of illumination you figure it out, CHANDELIERS! If your venue doesn’t have plans to install them for your wedding, don’t worry, you may be able to have them installed on a temporary basis. Read on to learn more about wedding chandeliers available at MDM Entertainment for your Chicagoland wedding.

Whether your wedding is rustic chic, contemporary, or classic formal, MDM Entertainment has a variety of wedding chandelier styles available.

Crystal Wedding Chandeliers

For classic wedding style and elegance you can’t go wrong with crystal chandeliers.


MDM Entertainment carries clear crystal chandeliers in 24″ and 36″ sizes:

36 Inch Crystal Wedding Chandeliers

Chandelier for Wedding


24 Inch Crystal Wedding Chandeliers

Chandeliers for a Chicago Botanic Garden Wedding

Chandelier for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony Structure at Loft on Lake

We also carry 18″ black crystal chandeliers:

18 inch Black Crystal Chandelier

Pendant Wedding Chandeliers

If you are going for a contemporary wedding style, we carry Silver Sphere Pendant modern chandeliers:

Silver Pendant Chandeliers and Pin Spots for an Adler Wedding
Drape wall and silver pendant chandeliers at Adler Planetarium

Pendant Wedding Chandeliers and Pin Spotting for an Adler Wedding 2

Silver Pendant Chandeliers with Blue Uplighting

Retro Wedding Chandeliers

For the retro look, try our Sputnik chandeliers with Edison bulbs:

Sputnik Chandelier for and Adler Planetarium Corporate Event

Rustic Wedding Chandeliers

Trying for a rustic chic style wedding? We have your ideal choice with our lighted Grapevine Ball rustic chandelier:

Grapevine Ball Chandeliers for a Rustic Chic Tent Wedding 2

Grapevine Ball Chandeliers for a Rustic Chic Tent Wedding 3

Grapevine Balls at an Architectural Artifacts Wedding

These work really well for outdoor weddings, rustic chic weddings or weddings incorporating a lot of nature themes.  If your centerpieces branches or greenery, then these are a great way to tie everything together and illuminate your event space.

Grapevine Chandeliers at Adler Wedding

Check out Thousands of Ideas About Chandelier Wedding Decor on Pinterest for further wedding chandelier inspiration!

Take a look into our online photo gallery featuring wedding chandelier designs specific to popular Chicago wedding venues!

For more information on wedding chandeliers or other types of lighting and decor for your big day contact the wedding lighting experts at MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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