Bilingual Chicago Wedding DJs

Bilingual Chicago Wedding DJMDM Entertainment is proud to offer professional English and Spanish speaking DJ’s for Chicago weddings and special events.

Several of our DJ’s are fluent in Spanish and English and are well versed in American as well as Latin and Regional Mexican music including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Nortena and more!

Spanish and English Chicago Wedding DJ

It can be difficult incorporating different cultures into a celebration, especially a wedding, but your DJ will do it seamlessly. Your Chicago wedding DJ’s extensive experience in blending popular American music and traditions with popular Mexican music and traditions allows them to create and enjoyable and fun filled evening for all those in attendance.

“Tony and I wanted to thank you with all sincerity for your services and make you aware of the fantastic job your staff did at our wedding reception.  There were so many guests from all different backgrounds, Irish and Mexican and all different ages, and we were afraid that it would be tough to keep everyone dancing and having a good time.  Both families had a blast with each other on the dance floor and we are SO  grateful for that.  MDM went above and beyond our expectations!  They Incorporated our two cultures, music and traditions perfectly and the dance floor was never empty! Tony’s parents and family were relieved to have a Spanish speaking DJ who they were able to communicate with as well.  MDM really made our wedding reception a hit and those memories we will always treasure.  Thank you for really coming through on our important day.  Your company is one of a kind, everyone is so professional and kind and I can guarantee I will be recommending you to all friends, family and co-workers.  MDM entertainment was definitely my favorite company to work with throughout the whole planning process.  We are forever grateful to you all.” – Moira and Tony M

Bilingual Chicago Wedding DJ and Lighting

To find out more about our bilingual Spanish speaking Chicago DJ’s and which one might be perfect for your event contact us today at 773.253.4986.

Bilingües DJs de Chicago

MDM Entertainment esta orgulloso en presentarle a sus DJs bilingües para bodas u otros eventos especiales en el area de Chicago.

Chicago Mexican Wedding DJ

Varios de nuestros DJs hablan español y conocen bien la música latina incluyendo salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, norteña, regional mexicana y mucho más.  Puede ser difícil combinar diferentes culturas durante una celebración, especialmente en una boda, pero nuestros DJs lo logran facilmente.  Tienen bastante experencia en combinar tradición y música americana popular con tradiciónes y música mexicana para crear un ambiente divertido e inolvidable para todos.

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