Every bride wants her Chicago wedding to be memorable…

So what does it take to make your special day that much more special? Blow away your family, friends, and guests with this list of ten ways to take your creative Chicago wedding from ok to YAY!

Use a Creative Theme

Applying a theme to your wedding can really tie wedding décor together. Choose a theme that fits both the bride and the groom and make it apparent with everything from the save-the-dates to the centerpieces. From flashy to subtle, find the right balance for you and your beau.

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Put a New Twist on an Old Tradition

Does your culture have certain specific traditions? Try and put a different spin on an old tradition such as a wedding dance or decorating with family photos. Find a remix of a traditional song or transfer old film reels to DVD’s to use in your slide show. Don’t be afraid to modernize meaningful traditions to fit the aesthetic of your wedding.

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Make Tributes to Your Family History

You may want to tie in your family history with adding their wedding photos to a collage. Having a copy of your families’ wedding photos alongside your own fresh photo is a good way to pay homage to your family history, as well as provide a good laugh to your guests (your father’s mustache & mullet combination from 1972 may not have been as timeless as he originally thought).

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Show your School Pride

Where you went to school is likely to be a big part of your life. Let everyone know it by incorporating it into your theme. If the happy couple happens to have a school rivalry, play it out or if they hail from the same school, why not try and get someone to dress up as the school’s mascot? Friends and older family alumni would love to sway to the old fight song.

Personalized Cocktails

Give everyone a chance to throw back some of the bride and grooms favorite drinks with personalized cocktails. The drinks can simply be favorites of the bride and groom or more meaningful such as the drinks they had on their first date, or to match any potential theme. Substitute the traditional champagne toast or make it available at the bar and include a sign suggesting it as the perfect drink option.

Have a Family Game Night (During Your Wedding Dinner)

Wedding Dinners have a tendency to be the least eventful part of the reception, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporate table games or quizzes to keep everyone busy and break the ice between some of the unfamiliar guests. Maybe even test your guests knowledge of the bride and groom with a quick quiz of the couple’s history.

Add a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to help entertain your friends and to provide a location to let loose other than the dance floor. They can also serve as a bonus favor for your guests to take home and add a little something more to your guest book than just signatures. Take it up another notch by incorporating funny costumes and disguises to make the photos more playful.

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Make Everyone A DJ

If you want to take all of your guests into consideration when you’re crafting your wedding playlist, why not just ask them? Include a slip of paper with your mailed invitation that requests a song from each guest when they RSVP. Using an online RSVP form? Add an additional space right by the meal preference.  This makes everyone feel like they are a part of the experience and gives you a variety of selections for your playlist. Just be sure to have your DJ take a look at your list before he puts it to work. Some songs may be unfamiliar to you. If you chose to include it, check it out first. Chances are if you haven’t heard of it, it may be a joke or potentially inappropriate for a wedding. You don’t want Nana running out of the hall!

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Have a Specific Lounge Area

With all of these fun new ideas incorporated to your reception, some of your older family members may want to take a break. Designate a specific lounge area so that your guests have a place they can relax and have a conversation that isn’t overwhelmed by the beats of the DJ.

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