Drape and Decor

Ceiling Canopy for Chicago Wedding

Wedding Drape and Decor

As you venture through your wedding planning you’re likely to see a myriad of photographs –and Pinterest boards- that will shape the vision you have of your own special day.  You’ll see engaging events draped with yards of luscious fabric, the soft romance of candle light, dazzling lighting design setting your venue aglow, and VIP lounges for your guests to relax and enjoy in style.

MDM Entertainment event designers will work with you to ensure your guests are bedazzled from the moment they arrive to the last dance of the evening.

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Fabric Treatments

Chicago Wedding Drape

Fabric treatments can be used to create an attractive focal point behind the head table, a wedding backdrop, a dramatic ceremony structure, a DJ cabana or as a VIP lounge space at your event. MDM Entertainment offers custom drapery designs to provide added elegance and create a more dramatic setting for your wedding ceremony or head table. Using fabric treatments can make substantial improvements in the appearance of a room by covering unsightly features or creating a feeling of warmth.

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Custom Drapery Features

Custom Drape Features

You can create a whole new look and feel to you event space with custom drapery canopies, cabanas and columns from MDM Entertainment. Your DJ can spin his tunes from a swanky DJ cabana, and your dance floor can take on the look of a whimsical fairy tale with a ceiling canopy. Accent and highlight special focal areas of your event space with custom designed drapery features.

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Candle Treatments

Candle Treatment

Nothing is more wedding apropos than setting the room aglow with romantic candlelight.  From lining your ceremony aisle, to fireplace treatments, to candlescapes for your table tops, ignite the atmosphere with candle treatments.  Pillar candles or floating disc candles can be used to accomplish the perfect degree of charm.  Candle treatments can be designed with clear glass cylinders, hanging votive candles or waist height antiqued candle stands.

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VIP Lounge

Lounge Furniture

Make your guests feel like the VIP’s they truly are with a special VIP Lounge.  VIP Lounges are a great place for your guests to relax and chat as the party goes on around them.  MDM Entertainment will create the perfect lounge set up for you and your guests to enjoy, from couches, chairs and ottomans, to traditional or LED lit tables, your look and style can be reflected to the VIPs in your life. Click here to see our entire line of lounge furniture and request a quote.

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