This past Saturday I got to entertain at the awesome wedding celebration of Edward Sim and Elisa Rah at the Hyatt Deerfield. Edward and Elisa put a lot of thought into the planning of their wedding to make it a true reflection of their style and taste and it really made for a fun and memorable wedding for their guests.

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Hyatt. Edward, who is the music connoisseur of the couple, had picked out some very unique and cool ceremony music and had timed out all of the pieces and coordinated everything flawlessly. Edward even provided us with a detailed outline of the ceremony. This is something we normally do as part of our planning process so we were happy that we had the bride and groom’s exact wishes already laid out for us. The ceremony went flawlessly and Edward was glowing as he thanked us as soon as the ceremony was over and said it was perfect and went just as they had planned.

As soon as the ceremony was over the guests were ushered to the atrium for cocktail hour and the ballroom was changed over for the reception. It always amazes me how a true team at a venue can totally remake a room in under an hour. I have to give credit to the staff at the Hyatt not only for the smooth room change but also on the overall evening. Christina, the wedding coordinator there, the room captain and the entire staff at the Hyatt executed the entire evening perfectly, as always. It is really a joy to work with top-notch professionals who are always on their game and strive to make every event perfect! While the room was being turned we brought in extra sound equipment and lighting for the reception to create more of a nightclub feel for dancing.

The reception dinner was a pleasant surprise. The father of the bride had alluded to it in his speech during the ceremony saying that it “wouldn’t be your typical wedding fare” and it represented “the beginning of a new day for the bride and groom”. This got me and everyone else in the audience wondering what dinner was going to be. The buffet turned out to be a brunch type buffet including many traditional breakfast items. The father’s words all made sense then. Elisa made sure that the photographers and DJ went through the food stations to get something to eat as well and I have to say it was some of the best eggs benedict that I have ever had and I am quite fond of eggs benedict. Later that night I asked Edward about the dinner assuming that it was a Korean wedding tradition to serve breakfast items at a wedding celebration to symbolize something like the father of the bride alluded to in his speech. Edward said it wasn’t a tradition and they just thought it would be something cool and unique that people would get a kick out of. The guests certainly did and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Ed also added that the father was just winging it on the speech. The speech was so well worded it made me thin that the inclusion of breakfast items was some time honored Korean tradition!

In addition to the traditional wedding cake Elisa had a specially made grooms cake, a Ninja Accountant! It turns out that Ed is a big fan of martial arts and Ninjas so it was the perfect grooms cake. The couple was even provided a sword by one of the groomsmen to cut the cake and the crowd loved it! We had “Go Ninja Go” playing in the background. We sampled that from a song by Vanilla Ice from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Normally something I wouldn’t play but that sample looped in the background during the cake cutting worked great!

Once dinner was over and the dancing got started you could tell that the crowd really came to party. Usually we try to play a pretty good mix of music for all age ranges, however in this case, Edward and Elisa wanted newer dance music for most of the night as the majority of the crowd was in their mid 20s to 30s. We did sneak a few Korean ballads and pop songs in for the older guests but the soundtrack for most of the night was contemporary dance music. It was a really refreshing change to throw down a great dance set of new music and create more of a club feel for this wedding. The crowd was eating it up and we had a packed dance floor all night. Okay, except for about 10 minutes when we announced last call….

The wedding photographer was Brian Kinyon and the videographer was Matt Jacobsen. I have worked with both on many occasions and am always impressed by them. Brian always seems to be in the right spot at the right time capturing some great shots of the action. I have seen his work after the wedding and he always captures some really beautiful shots of the night.

The party was rocking all the way to the very end at 1 am. At the end of the night we slipped in a few sing along songs and just about every guest was on the dance floor singing and dancing their hearts out. For the last song everyone joined in a big circle around the bride and groom and were singing at the top of their lungs. As soon as the song was over Ed came up and asked to use the microphone to thank his guests for coming. After he thanked his guests he got the whole crowd cheering and applauding for us. We usually get tons of compliments from our brides and grooms but it was really nice of Ed to publicly recognize the part we played in making the evening such a great party. We are by no means egotistical and require that kind of attention but it was nice. After many thanks, hugs and handshakes from Ed and Elisa we left them to continue on at the after party!

Ed and Elisa really took some time and thought and put together a fantastic party! I am glad MDM Entertainment could be a part of it.

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