Happy Earth Day, everyone! Go green with MDM Entertainment…

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Today, we would like to honor Mother Earth and all her greatness! We are proud to participate in the ongoing movement for eco-friendly business practices, and so we’d like to share how we maintain ecological awareness as a company. Let’s GO GREEN!

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We offer a wide variety of services, and we approach “greening” the business as a journey!

When working in the office, paper recycling is an expectation of all our employees.  We also incorporate paper recycling with convenient online planning forms for our clients! This digital platform allows endless editing options for any and all necessary updates to an event, and virtually eliminates the need for hard copy paper printing.

When taking a break, we like to gather around the water cooler for casual conversation and occasional gossip. We much rather prefer a line of staff gathering to refill reusable bottles instead of buying plastic bottles by the case. Eliminating the need for that type of grab-and-go convenience encourages all of us to use less plastic and go the extra mile in trying to save the planet!

When preparing for an event, it is most necessary for us to consider what equipment is appropriate to assign. For those events that require mostly lighting enhancements, we assign energy efficient LED fixtures. More often than not, the LED fixtures are battery powered, so not only are they eco-friendly, but they also require less set-up time considering they do not require cables as a direct power source.

When traveling to an event, the team is assigned to a specific carpool. Most venues are within a 60 mile radius, but no matter how far, we ensure most staff travel together. By doing so, we are leaving minimal carbon footprints behind, and saving tons on gas, too!

When an event is completed, our inventory is unpacked and any materials that can be reused are organized as such. For example, we may use up to 100 feet of ivory duck fabric for one single event. Sometimes, we’re able to to re-purpose the fabric by cutting around dirt stains that are impossible to remove.

Earth is our home, and we hope to inspire you to reduce, reuse, and recycle in your own ways! Join us in green efforts to save the planet, one step at a time.

by Hannah Poorman

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