It’s that time of year again… spring is in the air, people are coming out of hibernation, the snow has melted… which means one thing to us here at MDM Entertainment. Wedding season has arrived!

As we flex our muscles and start to get back into prime wedding shape, it makes me think about your wedding being in prime shape, and that means looking it’s best.  I’m not talking about you being in shape, you look perfect the way you are. I’m talking about the Chicagoland wedding venue you painstakingly selected to host your wedding reception. Does it look it’s best?

You can dress up your wedding reception venue with a few simple tricks, lighting and draping. Even the best looking of venues can benefit from some well-placed lighting. However, if you have something you want to disguise or detract attention from, the benefits multiply. Think of special event staging like make-up for your reception hall. A woman looks beautiful without make-up, but with it on her natural beauty is enhanced.

Head Table with fabric drapings

Chicago wedding head table with custom backdrop and uplights.


Your wedding pictures will be one of few tangible things you have once the day has passed. Your head table is the focus during a large portion of your wedding reception, so by default, it also serves as the background in pictures of your speeches, toasts, and other special moments.  That illuminated EXIT sign doesn’t exactly give the feeling you want in your wedding photos. Often times you’ll see a curtain backdrop behind a head table for just this purpose. To provide an aesthetically pleasing “backdrop” for you and your wedding party as you sit at your head table, taking all of those treasured photographs.

MDM Entertainment can provide backdrops and custom draping to cover the space behind the head table or entire spans of wall. So, if your venue doesn’t have the ‘swag’ you desire, perhaps some fabric swaging along your backdrop could do the trick. Why stop there? Color coordinated uplights against your backdrop will not only look amazing, but also will tie in your entire wedding color scheme and add drama to this focal area.

Fabric Backdrop with Uplighting at a Chicago Wedding

Uplights on a fabric backdrop behind the head table.


Now, let’s get back to your pictures.  Close your eyes, after you finish reading, of course, and imagine with me. Envision your reception hall on your wedding day, you in your gorgeous bridal gown and your groom decked out in his tuxedo. As you take your seats to enjoy your first meal and moments as husband and wife, how does it look? Your bridal party surrounds you, with an exquisitely draped backdrop behind you.  Add in some custom color linens, beautiful blooms of floral (side flank your head table with your large ceremony arrangements on pedestals if you’d like), and some color coordinated uplights and you’ll clearly see, your wedding reception venue is indeed in the best shape of it’s life.


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