All too often I get the same question when answering the phone, “Hi, how much do you charge?” Although a budget when searching for a DJ for your Chicago wedding is important, quality should also play a huge factor.  Until sitting down with us for a consultation many brides and grooms did not know that the DJ is the spokesperson and coordinator for the evening and a great deal of the responsibility for the success of the event relies on them.

You have to be able to trust that the wedding DJ you hire to be detail oriented, well spoken, and talented. Your job at your wedding is to have fun. A quality DJ will make sure that the photographer knows when something important will happen, they will let the parents know before special dances to make sure they are in the room, they will make sure that the hall has the Champaign poured before the toast.

The formalities of the evening play a huge part to the success of your reception. After that, the dancing begins. It is important that the wedding DJ you choose has talent behind selecting, mixing, and blending of the music.

After explaining all of this to a potential client, the original question, “How Much do you charge?” is forgotten and they are more interested in setting up a consultation to meet with a DJ to discuss how we can play a factor in the success of their wedding reception.

I have always believed that the lowest price is not always the best deal.

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