Wedding planning with Pinterest

“Add Husband Here”, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue…” and “My Future”, are just some of the titles you may come across while scrolling through Pinterest, the blossoming social media website. Users “pin” fun DIY projects, meme’s, recipes, and more to their feed, sharing it with the online community. In its two-year time span, Pinterest has become one of the web’s simplest way to share future wedding aspirations and wedding ideas.

With so many possibilities, every bride-to-be can easily get overwhelmed. Take into account these tips the next time you tackle your Pinterest tack board, moving your wedding from plain to pin-teresting!

Bored with your boards? Seek out wedding-oriented Pinterest accounts to follow. Check out some popular pinners like WED: The Magazine, The Bridal Party, and BrideFinds. These users are sure to pump your feed full of fresh ideas.

Don’t limit your search just to the “wedding & events” board. Some great ideas may not be specifically for weddings and can be skipped over if they are not tagged as such by other users. Make sure to check out idea-rich categories on Pinterest like “travel and places” for theme ideas, “home décor” for lighting possibilities, or “hair and beauty” for potential style tips.

Go Pin Crazy. In the early phases of wedding planning, there is no such thing as pinning too much. Just because you don’t like everything a certain pin suggests, pin it anyways.  You can always go back and use the part of it you do like as a foundation for wedding ideas. Go back and remove the clutter later as you get a better idea of your wedding’s all around aesthetic.

Get organized! Now that you have plenty of pins, it’s time to sort it all out. Many make the mistake of keeping it all on one board. The clutter can be confusing, so it’s best to sort: cakes and food, lighting, favors, dresses, etc.

See other great ideas on websites outside of Pinterest? Use the “Pin it” feature to keep it all in one place. Not only are you in a sense “book marking” your newfound ideas, it will help you to narrow down when they are all lined up for comparison.

Get your friends opinion.  Pinterest allows you to tag fellow users when you repin. Use it to draw your friends’ attention to potential bridesmaid dresses, cake designs, and after party ideas. Your gal pals have a chance to comment directly on the pin and give you cheers or jeers.

Take away a few ideas for décor, or make your upcoming nuptials into a living testament to the promises of Pinterest. Either way, the concepts available on this creative community are sure to wow all your friends and family on your big day.  

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