With good tunes from your Chicago wedding DJ, a tasty dinner, and a well-stocked bar at your reception, the majority of your guests will be more than content. Unfortunately you will likely have some attendees that are more difficult to please. They get cranky if they’re out too late, most of their music preferences sound like gibberish to everyone else, and they’ll only be pleased by the dinner menu if chicken tenders are on it. We’re talking about the guests that average four feet and under – the kids! Read on to find out ways to keep kids busy at your wedding reception.

In order to keep kids busy and their parents content, it may be a good idea to stock your reception with an arsenal of tricks to keep the children entertained. Fortunately we have five ways to keep kids busy so your reception goes off without a hitch.

Keep Kids Busy

Have a Menu Just for the Kids

While a  filet with a mushroom demi-glaze may sound delightful to the majority of your full grown guests, the munchkins would be much more satisfied if fried ravioli were on the menu. Plan ahead with your caterer and offer a kid-friendly meal

Put on a Movie

What’s the one sure way to entertain a child for hours at a time? Turn on the television of course. You should setup a screen for the kids at your reception and that plays all of your childhood favorites for the little ones to enjoy.

Chicago video projector

Use Arts and Crafts

An affordable way to keep your kids busy for hours is to turn the kid’s tables into a craft table. Cover the table in white sheet, leave various crayons, and encourage kids to use their creativity to draw pictures. You can even offer a prize to the table with the best drawing to offer incentives.

Setup Games

Though while in most instances your guests are responsible for finding care for their children, not everyone can leave their children at home. You will most likely have a ring bearer and a flower girl or two after all! A way to thank the parents of those children and let them enjoy their evening is to hire a babysitter/ activity leader. Babysitting agencies have plenty of qualified, CPR certified caretakers able to coordinate events like three-legged races, scavenger hunts, and breaking piñatas.

Keep kids busy

Have a Video Arcade

One option is to look into renting arcade machines like pinball or Pac Man. If those are a little bit out of your budget you could even toss together a quick game room with ping pong tables, board games, and a TV with old game systems.

With a variety of options like these, you should be able to keep kids busy and their parents relieved. Don’t forget to check in on them occasionally, who knows, with these fun ideas you may want to ditch the dance floor and hangout with the kids for awhile anyway.

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