MDM Entertainment was chosen to provide event lighting for the 2012 Called To Be Brothers conference held at Lewis University last week. The conference took place Sunday through Thursday with evening socials held to entertain all of the Brothers in attendance.

The first night was the most elaborate set up. Lewis wanted to showcase their newly renovated science building and chose to go with a futuristic theme for the social.

Here are some before and after photos of the transformation that took place.

The event lighting design included uplights and color washes to bath the building and hallways in blue and green and intelligent lighting to project moving patterns across a 3 story wall in the center of the building. The color wash lighting on the wall was also programmed to slowly fade across different shades of blues and greens throughout the evening creating a changing atmosphere every several minutes.

Several “Living Art” statues performed throughout the building and the interplay of the swirling patterns from the lighting fixtures and the statues slow, swirling, impressionist dance moves created a very cool effect.

The lighting design came together beautifully and created a fantastic, futuristic environment for the welcome social and really showed off Lewis’  beautiful new science building.

To transform you next conference, corporate event or special event with lighting contact the event lighting experts at MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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