Lighting Up at a Wedding: The Next Big Thing

Schaumburg, IL. March 31st, 2010 – New trends in the wedding industry indicate that today’s brides want the luxurious ambiance that lighting décor can offer at their wedding without having to spend $20,000 to make it happen.

Patti Herioux, Wedding Planner at With Love Bridal in Chicago, is a firm believer in the effect lighting can have on a wedding reception. “Lighting is a powerful tool in changing the look and feel of an event. When you look at the total expense of a wedding, lighting is an affordable and easy way to make your wedding the unique reflection of who you are.  From subtle pin spotting to transform any centerpiece to full light shows, your guests are sure to leave feeling wowed!”

Recently, television shows like Platinum Weddings have shown brides just what kinds of effects are possible with ambient room lighting, and brides are eager to find wedding vendors who are up to the challenge. Often, brides are disappointed to find out that the cost of turning the ordinary reception hall into the exquisite fairy-tale fantasy ballroom of their dreams does not come cheap. In matters related to that special day that some women spend a lifetime dreaming about, “compromise” is a dirty word—not to mention heartbreaking.

Fortunately, there are still wedding vendors out there who believe that a stunning wedding is the “right” of a bride, and not just an option for those who can afford it. These vendors understand that their customers are usually doing their best to manage a fabulous wedding on a tight budget. What is more, they know that nothing less will do.

Mike Dodson, owner of MDM Entertainment, is sympathetic to the plight of the bride. “Most couples come in with a look of anxiety on their faces, expecting to take a big hit in the pocketbook to light their wedding. They tend to loosen up when I tell them that we can work with them on their budget—then they smile when they see all that they’re getting,” Dodson—all smiles himself—explains.

MDM offers a wide variety of lighting options, from pin-spotting the dinner tables to emphasize the centerpieces, to washing the surrounding walls and pillars with subtle up-lighting, to nightclub style intelligent lighting to keep the party going into the wee hours. A favorite is the customized “gobos” that project the newlywed’s names or a monogram onto a wall or the dance floor.

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