Planning a Mixed Culture Wedding in Chicago

Planning a wedding can be stressful, planning a mixed culture wedding or mixed race wedding even more so.  It rests on your shoulders to plan a mixed wedding that has two distinctly different groups of people coming together as one and celebrating your wedding day. What should the decor be like? What food should be on the menu? What will we do for the entertainment? Here are some good tips for mixed culture wedding planning to get you started.

Chicago Mixed Culture Wedding DJ

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Multicultural Wedding DJ’s

While we won’t be too much help on the food we can definitely help you out on the entertainment side of things. At MDM Entertainment we are lucky to have a very talented and group of multicultural Chicago wedding DJ’s.

You want all of your guests to be out on the dance floor celebrating your wedding, and so do we! We have seen too many mixed culture weddings where the music has been dominated by one type of music and half of the guests are left sitting in their chairs all night. MDM Entertainment understands the need to blend and transition between popular wedding music, Top 40 dance music and ethnic music in order to keep all of your guests dancing the night away. Our roster of multicultural wedding DJ’s include Latin Wedding DJ’sSouth Asian DJ’s and Indian Wedding DJ’s who know how to blend the best American music and traditions with the best wedding music and traditions of other cultures.

Chicago Mixed Culture Wedding DJ

Colombian American wedding couple getting ready for La Houra Loca

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Tony and I wanted to thank you with all sincerity for your services and make you aware of the fantastic job your staff did at our wedding reception.  There were so many guests from all different backgrounds, Irish and Mexican and all different ages, and we were afraid that it would be tough to keep everyone dancing and having a good time.  Both families had a blast with each other on the dance floor and we are SO  grateful for that.  MDM went above and beyond our expectations!  They Incorporated our two cultures, music and traditions perfectly and the dance floor was never empty! Tony’s parents and family were relieved to have a Spanish speaking DJ who they were able to communicate with as well.  MDM really made our wedding reception a hit and those memories we will always treasure.  Thank you for really coming through on our important day.  Your company is one of a kind, everyone is so professional and kind and I can guarantee I will be recommending you to all friends, family and co-workers.  MDM entertainment was definitely my favorite company to work with throughout the whole planning process.  We are forever grateful to you all.” – Moira and Tony

My wife and I used MDM for our wedding on 10/27/12.  Patti and Mike were great resources early in the process helping us get organized and understand all the little details of the DJ services that they provided.  One of the major selling points was DJ Aumir, who’s an Indian DJ.   Our wedding was an Indian wedding, so having someone who knew the music as a huge help.  DJ Aumir was fantastic during the whole event.  He was on point with the timing of songs during the ceremony and with the bridal party intros.  We were so impressed that the only guidance we gave him was “keep the dance floor packed” and that’s exactly what he did!  I’ve never seen a dance floor so full for an entire wedding.  MDM definitely delivered a very high quality product for a very reasonable price.  Everyone we interacted with from MDM was professional and helpful! Thanks for the amazing work you guys!!!! – Erik and Pratima

Mixed Culture Wedding DJ in Chicago

Photo by Jason Jason Kaczorowski Photography

For more information on a wedding DJ for your mixed culture wedding contact MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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