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Did you know 10% of couple’s wish they had spent more on their Wedding DJ?

Why spend countless hours on the phone or even worse, in Chicago traffic trying to make a miracle happen yourself when you could instead, schedule one sales consultation covering all the details of your wedding day with a specialist? If you’re planning on getting married in the Windy City, then you should consider booking MDM Entertainment as a one stop shop to cover your wedding day wishlist!

Our services are crucial to your Chicago wedding because we are experts! Our specialty is in Chicago weddings and special events DJ’s, event production, photo booth, drapery, decor, lighting and other miscellaneous A/V needs. We also have an LED dance floor that will enhance ANY reception space! Over the years, we have developed an impressive reputation with destination Chicago wedding venues, reliable photographers, florists, officiants, caterers and planners.

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In a recent survey, Zola touched base with 750+ newlyweds and found some interesting insights on what newlyweds regret and what engaged couples find the most important during wedding planning. (Read the full article on As you know, the right details can make or break a wedding celebration. Jennifer Spector, Zola’s Director of Brand and Newlywed-at-Large says, “We see trends come and go, but focusing on what’s going to greatly impact you on the day, and then how you’d like to remember that day, can help reframe some costs.” Here’s one important takeaway from Zola’s recent survey:

Top 10 Wedding Elements That Newlyweds Say Actually Made Their Wedding “Truly Unforgettable”

1. Venue
2. Photographer
3. Band/DJ
4. Day-of-Wedding Attire (Dress, Suit, Accessories, etc.)
5. Flowers & Decor
6. Wedding Officiant
7. Catering
8. Wedding Planner or Coordinator
9. After Party
10. Wedding Cake

Wedding Centerpiece without Pin SpottingWedding Centerpiece Pin SpottingSo, what conclusions can be drawn based on this information? Allow us to share a few tips and tricks!

First and foremost, it is very important to keep in mind what elements are most important to YOU! After all, it is YOUR wedding day! Once you have your wedding day wishlist in order, then you will be able to realize what elements are most necessary to splurge on, and those that can be sacrificed.

Second, be sure to compare quality over quantity. Some couples will make the mistake of not doing enough research in cost and quality service comparisons. Survey says 10% of couples wish they had spent more money on their wedding DJ; around 20% of couples regret not commissioning a wedding planner; 12% wish they had spent more on flowers & decor. Our expertise combines all of these elements into a one stop shop so that you get the most out of your budget and overall wedding experience! From your first moment of contact with us, we provide a consistent effort in being sure that all of your needs, wants, and wishes are met for your special day.

Finally, consider your wedding day as a long term investment. “People really underestimate what a huge event this is,” says Spector[.] “You’re kinda coordinating a family reunion, a religious ceremony, a live performance, and the biggest party you’ve ever thrown all in one. It really adds up, and most people don’t have the background to manage such a huge project. Finding someone who can help keep the pressure off you, especially on the day of—that’s a really valuable investment.”

(Read real client reviews HERE)!

Chicago Wedding and Special Events DJ’s, Event Production, Photo Booth, Lighting, Drape and Decor

Since you want your wedding day to be an “all in one” experience for your guests, then perhaps that is the only reason you need to book a one stop shop vendor. Keep scrolling to view some of our best work!

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