Celebrate your 80’s throwback with MDM Entertainment!

Themed parties are always a great idea! Today, we would like to share with you our most recent themed event – an 80’s themed party for a 40th birthday celebration. This 80’s bash features our the best game room, DJ services and our Photo Booth Express to top off the theme with music in all 80’s and snapshots of the throwback celebration.

The DJ of choice, DJ Mike D, was provided with “must play” music selections which showed the client’s love of 80’s rock and new wave! With that in mind, it was a blast getting together a killer set that was fun for everyone. The playlist kept the birthday boy and his guests dancing and reminiscing to their favorite tunes of the times. As we prepared for this 80’s theme, it was super nostalgic for everyone involved!

Check out the highlights of this 80’s birthday bash:

The Venue 

The Train Room at The Blackstone Hotel , being significant to the client, was chosen as the perfect place for his party. The space was beautiful yet simple, which made the decor a nice addition without being too much to take in.

The 80’s Themed Party Decor

The client provided their own decorations for this 80’s bash. Guests were met with an array of Pacman arcade centerpieces and Pacman confetti, the game that was central to the times!

The 80’s Music

To make the party a blast, there was a fitting spot for the dance floor to fit 25-50 guests where DJ Mike D dropped the 80’s tracks right in front and center.

Here is a cool shot of the DJ deck. DJ Mike D’s 80’s set list had everyone feeling like they were New Order at this moment with Bizarre Love Triangle!

Everyone rockin’ out to the 80’s throwbacks! The dance floor was packed with guests decked out in all 80’s.

The 80’s Themed Party Photo Booth

To the right of the room, guests took photos in the glamorized 80’s rock photo booth. What you see here is an open air styled photo booth.

A variety of backdrops are available to choose from when booking your photo booth package. For this occasion, the silver-sequined backdrop was perfect!

A variety of custom-ordered 80’s props let guests pose in 80’s themed pictures. Prop choices ranged from inflatable mini instruments and microphones to create their very own rock band.

To complete the look, there were wigs to bring the mullets back, retro sunglasses, and a variety 80’s stick props.

This was the custom graphic created for the birthday bash. To pack a punch, we made the graphic 3D with bright 80’s colors to make it really pop, like everything in the 80’s did. Here is Rob, the birthday boy, and his 80’s bunch!

Happy Birthday, Rob!

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By: Cassidy Campbell

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