Planning a wedding can be exhausting – not to mention, a lot of money! Here at MDM Entertainment, we are conscious of the costs involved in the planning process. We decided to share some tips on how to save money when planning your wedding day!

First, it’s important to note that there are some things that should be left to the professionals. Sure, you have a friend that does photography on the side – however, 99.9% of the time, a professional will give you much better quality! For that 1% chance, it is not worth it on a day that will only happen once. This concept goes for the DJ, too. When looking for music to make your wedding flow and keep your guests engaged, the price is the quality you get!

So, while these are necessary splurges, where can you save when planning on your wedding day?  The following money-saving tips shared below are things that most people don’t even think about!

1. Look At Options Your Venue Has To Offer!

Do you still need seating for your guests? Ask your venue of choice if they have their own in-house seating. Perhaps your venue offers bridal suites to get ready, which can reduce the risk of getting the bride’s wedding dress dirty on the way in! Additionally, see if the venue has in-house catering. Many times, venues that offer catering also provide the tables, tableware and linens if you’re having your reception there! As far as decor, some venues also have lovely in-house decor that could add the perfect touch to your vision!

2. Save On Flowers That Are In Season!

When it comes to picking flowers, it might be worth considering the seasons. I know those flowers from Hawaii sound great, but that one may not be in season when your wedding takes place. Looking for flowers that are in season can be just as lovely and fitting to your wedding vision and will also be the less expensive option since they are in abundance of availability!

Amaryllis flowers are a nice choice and are in season for winter.

Amaryllis flowers are a lovely choice, in season for winter.

3. Rent, Rent, and Rent Some More!

I’m sure you can ask most people who have had weddings that they have a ton of stuff in storage that they are probably never going to use again. Are you looking to add marquee letters to your wedding? It may be worth renting those items rather than buying them and having them sit in your garage forever with the intention to eventually sell them. Save your storage and save your time by renting items that you will only use once!

4. Look for Coupons!

There are websites out there that have random, yet helpful coupons for just about anything! There are tons of free coupon sources out there just waiting for you to grab it. CouponFollow is a resource with coupons and deals for an array of things you’ll need for your wedding. For example, you can save on wedding invitations and stationery with Paper Source coupons, or save on your registry with Zola. This can even be utilized by your guests to find deals on hotel accommodations if they are coming from out of town!

I’m sure there a million more ways you can save on your big day, but here are a few key ones to get you started in your journey!

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Happy Holidays from MDM Entertainment!

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