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MDM Entertainment Offers Special Effect Lighting

In addition to wedding and special event lighting and intelligent lighting options MDM Entertainment also offers a variety of special effects and special effect lighting sure to give your event that added “WOW” factor. With a strong background in event production and several Theater Lighting and Design majors on staff we jump at the chance to come up with unique lighting designs utilizing special FX lighting.

With Halloween (one of our favorite holidays!) right around the corner we thought it might be a good time to let the world know about all of the special effect lighting options MDM has to offer. While special effect lighting works great for Halloween lighting, it can be incorporated into a wide variety of different types of events to make the event memorable and unique.

MDM has provided special FX lighting for weddings, private parties, Halloween parties, haunted houses, store openings, product launches, school dances and more.

Special Effect Lighting Options

Geyser – Shoots a jet of quick dissipating fog illuminated by LED’s 25′ feet into the air. Much safer and more affordable than pyrotechnics but with a similar effect.

Low Laying Fog Machine – Create a low laying fog for a “Dancing on the Clouds” effect.

Fog Machine – Creates a “spooky” mist throughout the room.

Haze Machine – Creates an ultra fine haze in the room. Used in theatrical lighting to create certain moods and in nightclubs and concerts to greatly enhance lasers and intelligent lighting.

Bliss Light – Star-field projector that creates thousands of tiny stars floating in a blue nebula. Available with green or blue stars.

Strobe Lights – Do we need to explain this one?

H2O Water Effect Light – Creates a shimmering water or fire effect. Available in 6 different colors.

UV / Blacklights – Causes white and fluorescent items to glow. Great for Halloween or black light parties!

Lasers – Create mind blowing laser shows in mid air with the use of fog or on walls and floors with no fog.

Bubble Machines – Hundreds of tiny bubbles will fill the room.

For more information on special effect lighting for your event contact MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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