We absolutely love theme parties at MDM! Whenever a client comes to us with a theme it really gets our creative juices flowing. Being a sci-fi nerd, I was personally over the moon (pun intended) when one of our corporate clients came to us with a Star Wars theme for their corporate event on May 4 and 5th of 2017. Everyone got into it but I think I was by far the most excited for this themed corporate event.

Everyone of course came to me with their Star Wars related questions and to get input on design. I had wanted to create numerous environments from the movies for this Star Wars themed corporate event (Tatooine, Dagaboth, Hoth, The Death Star) but I was reined in by our team and budget constraints. We ended up settling on Tatooine and the Death Star.

Our team of designers and fabricators worked countless hours in the weeks leading up to the event building the sets and prop pieces for this incredible event. I had an awesome time researching and it was a legit excuse to get to watch Star Wars several more times….

Then, May 4th finally arrived. As guests entered the event they walked straight into Tatooine and were greeted by a 2/3 scale Moisture Vaporator, just like on good ole Uncle Owen’s farm. 

Star Wars Theme Party Vaparator Unit and Jawa

Further in you came upon the entrance to the Mos Eisly Cantina where you find C3PO and R2D2 waiting by the door because, of course, they don’t serve their kind there.

Star Wars Corporate theme party decor

The cantina had a full service replica of the bar from the movie where bartenders kept the drinks flowing.

Star Wars Theme Party Mos Eisley Cantina Bar

Star Wars Theme Party Mos Eisley Cantina Bar 2

Jaba the Hutt was also in attendance. I’m not sure if anyone from the event caught the reference but I was particularly proud of the dual setting suns on Tatooine….

Jabba the Hutt

On the other side of the room was the Imperial / Rebel Alliance game room, choose your side. The game room was filled with video games, lounge chairs, pool tables, a green screen photo booth and other activities for the event guests.

Star Wars Theme Party Lighting

Corporate theme party decor

The back of the room was the Death Star stage for the DJ with a full wall of LED star curtain to make you think you were in a galaxy far, far away….. 

Star Wars Theme Party DJ Booth

For the second night of the event, a 10′ circle truss was installed with an awesome laser light show to kick off the dancing after dinner. DJ Ice even got to wear an Imperial officer’s uniform…

Star Wars Theme Party Deathstar DJ Booth

Star Wars Theme Party Death Star Lightshow

The kick off light show was such a hit, several guests asked to see it again later in the evening.

A lot of the guests really got into the theme and dressed up for the occasion. I even got my picture taken with Lando! The client was thrilled and the guests loved it too. This party was one of my all time favorites for so many reasons. 

Mike D and Lando

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