Make your wedding day stand out with these 5 unique ideas!

Your wedding day should be absolutely perfect, no exceptions. Every couple wants to incorporate their personality on their wedding day in the most unique ways possible. We’re here to let you know that adding your special touch doesn’t have to be an extravagant expense. In fact, your wedding day will be all the more extravagant by adding personal pieces. If you’re having your wedding in the big city, read more about how these small, meaningful, and unique ideas can enhance your wedding day overall.

Thoughtful (and useful) party favors It’s never a bad idea to anticipate your guests’ needs. If you are hosting your ceremony and/or wedding reception outside, you may want to consider having a basket of sunscreen available for your guests to use. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, having a tote of disposable flip flops so that your guests’ dress shoes don’t get ruined is also a great way to anticipate your guests’ needs.

Boutonniere flower station If it is important to you that your wedding be an all inclusive event, consider having a flower station for your friends and family to create their own boutonnieres. There are plenty of ways to incorporate creative ideas while still maintaining a sense of uniformity. Ask your florist about this option!


Reception ushers Everyone knows a special someone with personality and ability to work a crowd. If you are considering having reception ushers at your wedding, then consider that special someone! Your guests will feel more luxurious when having someone to direct them, personally.

Wordsmith So maybe you don’t have a way with words…fear not! Hiring a wordsmith to create personalized poems for your guests is a great way to encourage a highly interactive atmosphere. Your family and friends will be sharing and swapping love notes and compliments all evening long, guaranteed to maintain the feeling of love in the air.

Drink packages Now a days, it seems as though people are looking for a more simple experience. Give the people what they want! Consider offering drink packages in style, like a food and beverage truck!


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