Thrill Your Wedding Guests with Unique Entertainment

You’re engaged. You’ve set the date. You’ve picked out locations for the ceremony, the guest lists, and your color palette. Now it’s time to plan the wedding reception! But if you want your wedding reception to break from the norm and be absolutely memorable, where do you start?

Patti Herioux, event planner for MDM Entertainment, says that the best way to choose your personalized and unique wedding entertainment is by drawing from yourselves. Be inspired by your history and mutual interests.

It is not only an unexpected and thrilling addition to your reception, but it also creates memories that are rooted in a personal connection.

Belly Dancer at a Chicago Wedding

One way to approach it is by culture. Every culture has its own unique practice and characteristics. It is a beautiful way to symbolize the coming together of two people and two lifestyles. You can always interpret it to a degree where you are comfortable.

In the past, we have had two clients that both came from a Middle Eastern background and wanted to incorporate belly dancing into their reception. One couple took a very traditional approach, while the other decided to use a more Americanized version. The dancers shared their scarves with all the lady guests. Using a gesture like this is a great way to get your family and friends off their seat and on the dance floor.

Unique Wedding EntertainmentBelly Dancer at a Chicago Wedding

Similarly, other couples we have had the pleasure of working with have chosen mariachis, flamenco dancers, sword dancers, fire dancers, and hula dancers (perfect for themed weddings too!).  Pull out what works best for you – unfamiliar traditions will be that much more interesting to others.

Belly Dancer at a Chicago Wedding

We recently DJ’d a wedding in Chicago at Fulton’s on the River and the bride and groom arrived via a water taxi accompanied by a bagpiper! The bagpiper latter performed as entertainment during dinner. I am sure all the Marines will recognize the second song.

Any of these are great ways to encourage your guests to get up and get involved. One of our favorite ways of getting your guests boogying is with an impersonator. Whether you prefer Elvis or Michael, a few songs from your pop culture icon is the best way to open up your dance floor. The songs are familiar, the impersonators are charismatic, and above all, make for a great photo op!

Elvis Impersonator at a Chicago Wedding

Michael Jackson Impersonator at a Chicago Wedding

Is your career your passion? Integrate it into your special day. If you’re a chef (or just a foodie!) have a more hand-ons approach to food service. Instead of hors d’oeuvres, have a nacho bar or personalized snacks. For example, one of our clients chose to have a doughnut bar with the guests’ choice of fun toppings. Food is fun, so play with the presentation to make your food into a show all its own.

Another client was a dance instructor. For her wedding entertainment, she asked her fellow instructors to do presentation dances. By using the dancers’ elegant style and ballroom grace, the bride and groom set the stage with their own “dinner theater”.

Are you a movie aficionado? Use your interests to create a moment your guests will love. Use a projector to create a montage of your favorite romantic movie moments. The films you pick are unique to you, but recognized by all of your guests. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll quote the lines you know by heart and wear a smile from ear to ear. Ebert would give your wedding two thumbs up.

Your wedding day is just that: yours. So don’t be afraid to take a leap into a unique idea for your wedding entertainment.

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