A few years ago, customized cocktails became a very popular addition to wedding receptions. Now, the new trend in the Chicago wedding market is something a little more “brewniversal”. Wedding beer, beyond the normal bar, has become a new way to personalize weddings. There are many ways to go with this unique idea so here are a few to ensure you will have the “hoppiest” of wedding days.

Chicago Wedding Beer

Your hometown: Just a hop, stout, and a beer away!

Wedding beer isn’t just about flavor, but where it’s made. Chicago-ans can pick from a great variety of Goose Island, Two Bros., and other local brews. If the bride and groom originate from somewhere else then where the wedding is held, bring a little home to you! You could also pick a beer from the place you met, where you went to school, your first trip together, and so on – beer brews a lot of possibilities!

Chicago Wedding Beer

Weiss pick just one?

For some beer connoisseurs, choosing one beer over another is like choosing a favorite child. If you simply cannot decide between your favorite three to five beers, have wedding beer flights. One of the most manageable ways to execute such a task would be during your cocktail hour. A station of beer tasting samples is a great low-key activity for your guests in that lull between the ceremony and the reception. Then, once dinner is finished and dancing begins, have the beer you featured in the flight available by the bottle, or even on tap.

Chicago Wedding Beer

Want to jazz up something basic? Of Coors!

For some brides-and-grooms-to-be, a simple, familiar beer is all they need. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to personalize your bottles. There are loads of companies online that will bring customized labels for you. Include your wedding date, pictures, or well wishes. If you’re planning on tying the knot outside, consider beer koozies. Many promotional distributors have a variety of colors to choose from to match your wedding colors. Personalize these favors a well!

Chicago Wedding Beer

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