You don’t have to call in a Feng Shui expert to design your wedding reception room layout but a little advice from some wedding professionals will go a long way in helping. When designing a room layout for your wedding reception you want to consider functionality, aesthetics and flow.

Most of the time wedding venues will have ready made room diagram templates that work quite well. However, depending on who designed the initial template and the different facets of the original event, they might not be perfect for your wedding. Many venues fail to take into consideration guest flow and how the room layout affects entertainment.

The following wedding reception room layout tips are entertainment focused to ensure your guests have the best possible time at your wedding reception.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Guests

Allow plenty of room between tables for your guests (and venue staff) to easily navigate through the room. If you are planning on doing wedding party introductions make sure to leave a pathway from the doorway up to the head table for the wedding party.

Don’t have Too Much Space

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want too much empty space. A few tables in a cavernous room will zap the energy away from your party. Consider closing off part of the room with an air wall or pipe and drape or creating lounge areas in certain parts of the room to use up space.

Place Your Gift Table Near the Main Entrance

You don’t want your guests wandering about aimlessly with their arms full of gifts. Place the gift table conveniently by the entrance to the room.

Keep All of Your Entertainment in the Same Room

The minute you move your photo booth or other wedding entertainment into a different room from the dancing you will be dividing your party in half. Keep all of the guests, energy and fun in one central area. It will make for a much better party!

Keep the Bar in the Same Room

DO NOT HAVE THE BAR IN A DIFFERENT ROOM FROM DANCING! If your bar is in a different room from the dance floor many of your guests will spend the entire evening in the bar area conversing and will not step foot on the dance floor.

Center The Dance Floor

Don’t put the dance floor off in a corner. You want it in the center of the room so people are drawn to it.

Choose Your Focal Points

When designing your wedding reception room layout consider what areas you want your guests attention to be drawn to such as the head table, the dance floor, etc. and highlight those areas with decor or lighting.

Keep the DJ Next to the Dance Floor

You don’t expect the chef to prepare a delicious meal from the lobby do you? Keep the DJ next to the dance floor so he can feed of of the energy of the crowd, see their responses to different songs and interact with them. In addition to not being able to read the crowd, if the DJ is on the other side of the room from the dance floor their speakers will be blaring across guests tables to reach the dance floor. This will make it way too loud for the guests seated at their tables. Keep the chef in the kitchen and the DJ next to the dance floor!

Seat Older Guests Away From the DJ

A professional DJ will monitor the volume level of the music throughout the evening ensuring it is at the proper level for cocktail hour and dinner to allow your guests to have a nice conversation. When it comes time for dancing, the DJ will turn it up to create energy on the dance floor. Even at low volume levels during dinner it is still going to be louder directly in front of the speakers and quieter towards the back of the room. Older guests sometimes have a problem with even background music so make sure you do not place their table  in front of the speakers.

Keep the Doors Closed

An open door allows light and thoughts of the outside world into your wedding reception (and maybe even uninvited guests!). Keep the doors closed and the party cranked up in your room. Your guests won’t even consider leaving until the music goes off and the lights come up and they realized they partied the night away at your wedding!

For more tips on designing the perfect wedding reception room layout or on DJ entertainment or lighting contact the wedding experts at MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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