Galleria Marchetii is one of our favorite Chicago wedding venues for a number of reasons: First of all we love tent weddings! Secondly, the grounds and outdoor patios are beautiful and you have the awesome backdrop of the city right behind you. On top of everything else, the staff and food there are excellent. It is just an all around great place for a Chicago wedding reception. The setting is already beautiful but you can take it to the next level and really make your wedding stunning by using Galleria Marchetti wedding lighting.

There are a lot of lighting options for tent weddings that look spectacular at Galleria Marchetti. It all comes down to your particular vision for your wedding to determine what wedding lighting options would be best for you. Some of the more popular lighting options at Galleria Marchetti are:

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights, sometimes known as faerie lights, are a popular trend in wedding lighting and can create a truly magical atmosphere. Imagine you and your guests bathed in the warm glow of thousands of sparkling lights filling the air above you as you dance the night away and celebrate your wedding.

Twinkle Lights Lighting for a wedding at Galleria Marchetti

Italian String Lights

Italian string lights can bring a bit of Old-World charm to your wedding reception and they fit right in with the ambiance of Galleria Marchetti. They are a great way to illuminate the dance floor and make it a focal point for your wedding reception.  Italian string lights are perfect for Galleria Marchetti wedding lighting!

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns also work great at Galleria Marchetti. Whether you want to make the dance floor a focal point or suspend them over the entire room, hanging lanterns create an airy and whimsical atmosphere for your wedding reception. The alternating of different sizes and heights of the lanterns creates a    striking effect.

Pattern Projection

Projecting patterns on the tent ceiling is a great way to tie in your wedding theme to the decor and creates a visually stunning room that will really wow your guests.

Lighting for a wedding at Galleria Marchetti

Color Wash

A wash is usually tied in with pattern projection and is used to bathe the tent ceiling in a color (or colors) to match your wedding color scheme. The colors you choose can be either subtle or dramatic, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. You can even take it a step further and add computer control to the lighting to change colors throughout your wedding reception magically transforming the look and feel of the entire venue throughout the night.

Galleria Marchetti Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting at Galleria Marchetti

These are just a few ideas for Galleria Marchetti wedding lighting. For more ideas and information on lighting for your wedding at Galleria Marchetti or anywhere in Chicago contact the wedding lighting experts at MDM Entertainment today at 773.253.4986.

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