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Illuminate Your Event With Professional Lighting For Corporate Events

Discover the power of event lighting to transform your corporate event into a memorable and engaging experience.

Our team of skilled lighting designers and technicians will work closely with you to understand your unique vision and requirements, crafting a customized event lighting design that will elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. 

From cutting-edge dance floor lighting to custom gobos, our innovative solutions ensure your corporate event stands out from the crowd and creates the perfect environment for celebrating your company’s success.

Energize Your Event with Our Cutting-Edge Dance Floor Lighting

Our leading-edge lighting fixtures revolutionize event lighting, providing your corporate gathering with the vibe of an upscale nightclub or concert.

Imagine beams of light sweeping across the room as your attendees make their grand entrance, followed by a spotlight highlighting the stage or dance floor at the ideal moment!

Every aspect of the lighting effects (movement, patterns, speed, colors, etc.) will be controlled by your lighting technician, generating a captivating light display for your guests.

Elevate Your Event Lighting and Branding with a Personalized Gobo

Make your corporate event truly distinctive by displaying your company logo or custom design elements in light.

Utilizing a specialized lighting fixture and a custom-made gobo, we can project your branding or custom-tailored visuals that compliment your event's theme.

Achieve the Perfect Ambiance with Uplighting at Your Corporate Event

Create the perfect ambiance for your corporate event with our professional uplighting services.

From subtle warmth to bold statements, we'll help you achieve the ideal atmosphere that reflects your brand and wows your guests.

Our intelligent uplights will even allow you to change your colors throughout the event, smoothly transitioning from a sophisticated atmosphere to a more dynamic setting as the evening unfolds.

Immerse Your Event in a Customizable Color Wash

Envision your event space immersed in breathtaking color. Our LED par lights will envelop your stage, ceiling, or any designated area in your chosen hue, creating a captivating environment for your guests.

Highlight Your Event Details with Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spotlights are focused beams that accentuate centerpieces or other significant design and décor elements.

Pin spots will highlight your carefully planned details in a dimly lit room, showcasing your event decorations.

Set a Classic Tone with String Lights

Our illuminated Edison bulb strings are perfect for conference halls, ballrooms, or outdoor terraces, adding a touch of timeless charm and creating a beautiful atmosphere for your guests.

Create a Magical Setting with Twinkle Lights

Transform your event space with the enchanting allure of our twinkle lights or faerie lights.

Your guests will be captivated by the thousands of shimmering lights suspended above them, adding a touch of wonder and creating a truly memorable experience.

Add a Touch of Whimsy with Our Assorted Paper Lanterns

Introduce a playful element to your event space with our delightful paper lanterns. Ideal for large open areas, these lanterns come in various colors and sizes to match your event's theme.

Illuminate Your Event with Elegant Chandeliers

Enhance your corporate event lighting and décor with the stunning sophistication of our chandelier lighting.

Suspend these beautiful accents throughout your venue to add a touch of elegance and flair while providing additional illumination for your special occasion.

With a variety of styles available to complement your unique décor, let us help you create a refined ambiance with our expert chandelier lighting services.

Make an Impact with Light Up Marquee Letters

Showcase your corporate event with our stylish, vintage 36” marquee letters. Use your company name, event title, or any phrase you'd like.

These light-up letters are perfect for photo opportunities and adding a unique touch to any space!

Exude Style with Our Rattan Lanterns

Seeking a distinctive and charming way to illuminate your corporate event? Our rattan lantern lighting is the perfect solution.

Our artisan-crafted rattan lanterns bring a touch of bohemian sophistication to any event décor, creating a cozy and enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Add Sparkle and Glamour with Mirror Balls

Do you want your event to sparkle and dazzle your guests?

Our mirror balls are available in various sizes, and your display can be tailored to create a subtle retro ambiance or a bold, eye-catching centerpiece for your celebration.

Create a Rustic Chic Atmosphere with Our Grapevine Ball Lighting

Looking to incorporate a rustic charm into your event décor? Our grapevine ball lights will add a hint of natural elegance to any gathering space.

Dazzle Your Guests with Special Effects Lighting

Do you want to leave your guests in awe at your corporate event or private party? We offer a wide array of special effects that can create a truly magical ambiance.

From indoor pyrotechnics to dancing on clouds to laser light shows, we have all the special effects you need to craft a mesmerizing experience..

More Than Just Event Lighting: MDM Offers Comprehensive Event Production Services

In addition to exceptional event lighting, we also provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure your corporate event is nothing short of amazing.

From skilled DJs and entertaining photo booths to elegant drapery and décor to theme party décor and props, we have everything you need to create an unforgettable event.

Kick-off Your Event Planning With A Click!

Let's collaborate to ensure your event is not just successful, but exceptional! Connect with us today and find out how our expansive event production services can transform your corporate event into an extraordinary experience.

Corporate Event Lighting Solutions FAQ

Our comprehensive selection of lighting services for corporate events includes intelligent lighting, uplighting, pin spotting, custom gobo projection, chandeliers, string lights, and more. Contact us today to find the ideal lighting solution for your corporate gathering.

To ensure availability, we recommend booking our lighting services at least 3-6 months prior to your event.

The cost of our corporate event lighting services depends on the specific lighting services required and the size and complexity of your event venue. We create customized quotes for each client based on their individual needs.

Absolutely! We work closely with venues, event planners, florists, and other vendors to ensure that your lighting coordinates seamlessly with your overall event design, creating a visually stunning and memorable experience.

Yes, we provide a range of additional services, including draping, décor, and furniture, to further enhance our lighting services and create a cohesive event design.

Yes, we have minimum package requirements. For weekday events the minimum is $3,000. For weekend events held in January thru March it is $3,500. For weekend events held in May thru December it is $5,000. However, package minimums do not apply to DJ or photo booth only packages.

Absolutely! We work closely with our clients to tailor our lighting services to fit their event’s vision, theme, and style seamlessly.

Yes, we provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your lighting preferences and requirements, as well as offer expert recommendations based on your event theme and venue.

Yes, we accommodate indoor, tent, and outdoor events with our versatile lighting equipment and setup services.

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your vision and preferences. Based on this information, we propose lighting designs that best complement your event theme and venue.

Yes, we have a portfolio of previous corporate events we have serviced, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. You can explore our portfolio and testimonials on this website.

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