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4′ Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Statue

Immerse your guests in the mysteries of Pacific culture with our Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Statue. This unique prop delivers a remarkable, transcendent experience that your guests will remember with fascination.

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Step into the mystique of ancient Polynesia with our 4′ tall Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Statue. Crafted to embody the iconic Moai figures, this prop injects a degree of enigma and fascination, transforming your event into a delightful journey through Pacific history and culture.

Beyond its compelling visual appeal, the Ahu Akivi Moai Statue acts as a captivating centerpiece, inspiring engrossing discussions and shared curiosity amongst guests. Its striking appearance provides a magnificent backdrop for unforgettable photo sessions, allowing guests to capture the unique aura of your event.

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 23 × 48 in

Please note that our prop and decor rentals are available only in the Chicagoland area. However, prop rentals are available as part of full event production packages for events throughout the Midwest and nationally. Contact us for more details.

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