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Life-size Dragon Skull

Unleash the power of mythology with our Life-Size Dragon Skull prop. This striking conversation starter adds a fantastic and mysterious touch, captivating your guests and elevating your event.

Availability: 1 in stock

Step into the realm of fantasy with our Life-Size Dragon Skull, an intriguing prop designed to mesmerize your guests and transport them into a world of wonder. This meticulously detailed addition enhances your gathering by merging breathtaking artistry with an air of enigma, befitting a wide range of events and themes.

The Life-Size Dragon Skull invites engagement and curiosity – a conversation piece that encourages exploration and discovery. It acts as the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos, sparked imaginations, and lively interactions, creating a memorable atmosphere for all to experience.

In keeping with MDM Entertainment’s dedication to personalized experiences, the Life-Size Dragon Skull prop seamlessly integrates into your event’s unique theme and atmosphere. Whether enchanting a medieval banquet, a fantasy-themed extravaganza, or a mysterious masquerade, this awe-inspiring prop infuses your occasion with a sense of wonder and adventure.

Incorporate the Life-Size Dragon Skull into your special event, turning it into an extraordinary experience that conjures an unforgettable aura of charm, mystique, and enchantment.

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 75 × 50 in

Please note that our prop and decor rentals are available only in the Chicagoland area. However, prop rentals are available as part of full event production packages for events throughout the Midwest and nationally. Contact us for more details.

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