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The Best Spots for Chicago Wedding Pictures

A big city would just be any old city without it’s recognizable features; New York has Times Square, London has Big Ben, and so on. It’s the iconic places of Chicago that truly make it feel like home to those who grew up in the area. If home is where the heart is, then Windy City landmarks certainly have a place in your Chicago wedding pictures.

Hilda, photography and owner of Angel Eyes Photography, has years of experience shooting the very best Chicago wedding pictures. Hilda helped us sort out some of the very best locations for photos on your wedding day.

Millennium Park

The almost 25 acres of this downtown city-owned park has loads of opportunities for great Chicago wedding pictures. While many brides and grooms favor pictures at the Cloud Gate sculpture (also known as “The Bean”), Hilda suggests taking advantage of the small gardens tucked away right around the corner.

 “It is a fantastic backdrop with just enough flowers to cover up the tourist crowd while still allowing a peek at the skyline that rises just above”, said Hilda.

Millennium Park Chicago Illinois Cloud Gate The Bean Bride And Groom Romantic Night Time Photos Fun Unique Wedding Photography Hilda Burke 1
Chicago Elopement Photography Fine Arts Building Michigan Avenue Weekday Small Wedding Wedding Officiants Marriage Ceremony Illinois 7

Adler Planetarium

Looking down to the very end of East Solidarity Drive, you are sure to see the Adler Planetarium. What you don’t notice until you are standing there is that it is a fantastic view of the entire skyline. While it is a challenge to control wedding day timing, Hilda suggests avoiding midday shooting if possible.

 “The sun is harsh at midday. If you have the time to control it, or if you are considering it for your engagement session, the best time to aim for is 1-2 hours before sunset”, suggested Hilda.

Adler Planetarium Chicago Photos Best Skyline Sunset Photography Unique Fun Romantic Love Engagement Portrait Couples Photography 5

Willis (Sears) Tower Sky Deck

A Chicago wedding picture album would not be complete without a little skyline as a backdrop. While most take the iconic shot from street level, there are other opportunities. 1,353 feet above street level to be exact. The sky deck allows for amazing Chicago wedding pictures that seem almost out of this world – and at that high up, you almost are!

Sears Tower Skydeck Willis Modern Fun Wedding Photos Chicago Skyline Romatic Couples Photography Hilda Burke Angel Eyes I Llinois 1

Chicago Bridges

Hilda lists the many bridges that hold fast above the Chicago River as one of the more requested sites for bridal parties.

“The bridge shots are great because you have a closer approach to the buildings, as well as the water, maybe even boats behind you”, said Hilda.

Fultons On The River Wedding Reception Candy Bar Purple Flowers Tulip Centerpieces Custom Etsy Cake Topper Bulldog Chicago Wedding Venue 24

Chicago Theatre

The Chicago Theatre may seem a little cliché for a Chicago wedding picture, but Hilda says the possibilities are greater then you think. First, the bright bulbs that illuminate the sign allow for tons of different lighting options. Also, it’s all about the angle that you shoot it.

“You can shoot from the alley, from across the street, with the bridal party in the middle of the street… the list goes on. It’s classic, and it literally says Chicago – you can’t get much more poignant in a Chicago wedding picture”, explained Hilda.

Chicago Il Portrait Session 15

Navy Pier

It should first be noted that Navy Pier is considered private property so a permit is needed in order to shoot there. If you plan ahead for this, this little peninsula has amazing possibilities for photos with old time street lamps and the Ferris wheel. In the moment on your special day and permit-less? Hilda suggests shooting from another point on the lakefront and capturing the pier from a distance. The subtle appearance of the Ferris wheel in the back gives an old time, romantic feel to your photo.

Navy Pier Crystal Gardens Ferris Wheel Fun Groomsmen Photos Converse All Stars Superhero Tshirts Chicago Wedding Photos Hilda Burke Angel Eyes Photography 5
Chico Navy Pier Engagement Session Beutiful Sunset Fun Couple Photos On The Bridge Romantic Unique Angel Eyes Photography Iliinois 10

Chicago Botanic Gardens

This is another great Chicago wedding picture location that you would need a permit for. Hilda’s favorite spots to shoot include the English Garden with its stunning walls.

“It always has some sort of flowers in the pond that are just beautiful”, said Hilda.

The foliage in the Oriental garden is not to be missed either. Hilda also notes that there is a particular row of trees that provides a great frame or a visual leading line when shooting the entire wedding party.

Chicago Botanic Garden Wedding Bridal Party Photos Glencoe Illinois Wedding Planning Mcginley Pavillion Purple Blue Wedding Colors 22

Wrigley Field sign

This may not appeal so much to south side couples, but Cubs fans love their field. Wrigley Field , the second oldest baseball stadium still in use, has a classic charm to it. Baseball fans young and old love the chance to snap a Chicago wedding picture in front of the iconic sign.

Wrigley Field Wedding 1

Tribune Tower on Michigan Ave.

While it may seem like an odd location for a wedding photo, the location of the Tribune Tower allows for some fantastic pictures.

“It is right by the lake and is constantly busy with traffic. Couples really like how all the motion behind them looks with them standing still in the middle of it”, said Hilda.

What sort of Chicago wedding picture album would be complete without an ode to the infamous amount of Chicago traffic?

Bride And Groom Michigan Avenue Downtown Chicago Romantic Kiss Allerton Hotel Angel Eyes Photography

Chicago is a town of many faces, but there are certain icons that stand out to each of us that make us think of “Sweet Home Chicago”. Consider those, and Hilda’s expert opinion, when planning your special day!

For more information on Chicago wedding pictures, Angel Eyes Photography and the amazing work produced by Hilda, please visit her website or facebook page.

For other aspects of planning your wedding, contact us at MDM Entertainment for your Chicago Wedding DJ, lighting, and other special event needs!

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